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What Changes Taylor Hale Wants To See On The Next Season Of Big Brother

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Big Brother 24 champion Taylor Hale has some changes she wants to see in future seasons of the hit reality show. Taylor was crowned the winner of the $750K cash prize during the season finale last year. For the first time ever, Taylor not only won the entire game, but also became the first winner to also be named America's Favorite Player.

Although Taylor was crowned the winner of Big Brother 24, she did not earn that title easily. Taylor rode quite the rollercoaster of emotions throughout her summer living inside the Big Brother house. Early on in the season, much of the house wanted Taylor out of the game. What initially started as seeing her as a threat, ultimately turned into Taylor experiencing bullying from her fellow houseguests. Luckily, after joining a dominating alliance, Taylor found her place in the game. Managing to survive eviction week after week, Taylor earned her spot in the final two chairs before quickly becoming $750K richer, not to mention her additional earnings for winning America's Favorite Player.

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Taylor Thinks Social Games Are More Important Than Physical Games

Taylor recently did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) for fans to ask questions. In the midst of Taylor's Reddit thread, a fan was asked her if she plans on watching Big Brother 25 next summer. The user wrote, "Do you plan on watching [Big Brother 25]? If so, what do you want to see from that season?” Taylor explained that she wants to see more social game plays within the house. Although the competition aspect is quite important, Taylor noted that sometimes having a better social game is more impressive. She said, "The games are fun and people work so hard to put them together, but to understand the dynamics you have to see people who are not making the flashiest moves or dominating with the most earned power (comp wins)."

Big Brother's Social Game Vs. Being A Competition Beast

Although Taylor didn't think she would win Big Brother, her social game carried her to the end. While she did have a few competition wins, if it were not for her social game, Taylor would not have survived as many evictions as she did. Taylor proved that having a strong social game can truly win a houseguest the grand prize at the end of the summer. On the other hand, winning power is essential inside the Big Brother house. The more competition wins a player has, the better their game resumé will look come finale night.

While there have been many past Big Brother winners that made it to the end based on their competition wins, there have also been winners like Taylor who won thanks to their strong social game. Although both fans and past players can disagree on which game strategy is stronger, either one can ultimately win a season of the show. Despite both strategies being equally important, the most recent Big Brother winner Taylor hopes to see more strong social games succeed next summer inside the house.

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