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6 Sneaky Reasons Behind Your Body Odor

Reader's Digest Logo By Stacey Feintuch of Reader's Digest | Slide 1 of 7: As your body breaks down alcohol and it goes through your bloodstream, some of it comes out of your breath and sweat. 'The body treats alcohol as if it was toxic, and therefore tries to break it down and excrete it as quickly as possible,' according to Buddy T., the expert on alcoholism. 'Most alcohol is metabolized in the liver and is excreted from the body in urine. But if you drink more than the liver can process or if your liver is damaged, some is excreted via breath and sweat.' And that leads to foul body odor. 'To avoid smelling like alcohol, try drinking at a slower pace, or alternating a glass of water or other nonalcoholic beverage between each alcoholic drink,' says Buddy T. Dr. Jhin also suggests putting on fresh clothing and taking a long soapy shower when you get home from the bar. Here are some things your body odor can reveal about your health.

Sometimes odors can’t be tackled only with soaps and scrubs. Here are a few surprising factors that can give you B.O.—and how to fix them (fast, we promise!).

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