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Brooke Shields has a holiday hangover cure for you

StarsInsider logo StarsInsider 11/16/2018 Stars Insider

The seasoned party-goer has shared her secret: Brooke Shields has a holiday hangover cure for you © Getty Images Brooke Shields has a holiday hangover cure for you Whether you're drinking in celebration or as a result of spending so much time with family during this holiday season, it's easy to get carried away in the spirits that leave you feeling less than merry the next morning. 

Brooke Shields, reaching fame in both film and modelling from a young age, is familiar with the feeling. “I love wine, I love champagne, I love tequila,” she told Page Six while at a sparkling wine launch. “And I love living my life!”

There are many people in the world who echo that statement, and yet these people often look and feel very different from the gorgeous 53-year-old. How does she keep herself on track?

“Every time I want a glass of something, I just try to match it with a glass of water. The one-to-one rule! It’s hard to do when you’re downing countless glasses, of course, but it does make a difference.”

And it's not just your insides that you should keep hydrated. With the holidays comes colder weather, and worsened acne. Since the combination of alcohol and chilly temperatures is a recipe for disaster, Shields also advised taking preventative action for your skin. "Moisture, moisture, moisture—it’s all about the masks, the balms, the creams,” she explained. “I just pack them on, morning and night.”

Her last resort for an incapacitating hangover is an old Joan Crawford trick: “I like the ‘Mommie Dearest’ ice facial,” she joked. “If I have to get up and go do something, the shock of ice water will do it.”

Thank you, Brooke Shields, for not recommending a trip to the gym or a nauseating green juice that smells like feet.


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