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Jennie Garth Claps Back At Trolls Who Accused Her Of Having Too Much Plastic Surgery logo 4/5/2019 Kim Wong-Shing
Tori Spelling et al. posing for the camera: Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Trolls © Instagram / Jennie Garth Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Trolls

Is it just me, or can women NOT WIN? If you show any signs of aging (or have any other “flaws,” really), people lambast you for not being as pretty anymore. And if you continue looking young and fit over the years, people accuse you of having surgery. It’s a catch-22. Case in point: Jennie Garth.

Jennie, 47, recently shared an Instagram photo of herself with her Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star, Tori Spelling.

“Working with my favorite partner in crime!” Jennie captioned the photo.

It’s a cute photo of two old friends. But fans quickly flocked to Jennie’s comments to accuse her of having Botox and being “fake.”

“Omg what happened to your face?” one fan wrote.

“Oh Jennie! You are beautiful and don’t need all that Botox! Sadly you are unrecognizable here!” another said.

Mean comments from trolls pretty much come with the territory of Instagram, but Jennie didn’t stay silent. She responded to several of the comments with humor and grace.

Jennie Garth is no stranger to the public eye. Now 47, she’s been acting since the ’90s and her days on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Jennie still looks incredibly young — she has basically the same skin that she did on 90210! That’s not unusual for a famous actress, though.

Let’s not forget that celebrities have access to high-end skin products, get much more sleep and relaxation than your average person, AND also employ hair and makeup teams. And of course, some also get enhancements to keep the wrinkles at bay!

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That’s exactly what fans are accusing Jennie of. She posted a selfie with Tori Spelling, and fans said Jennie looked “unrecognizable.” They accused her of having too much unnecessary work done on her face.

“Oh Jennie! You are beautiful & don’t need all that Botox! Sadly you are unrecognizable here!” one fan wrote in a comment that received over 100 likes.

Jennie replied: “Thank you?”

Another fan wrote, “Omg! You seem so fake…” Jennie replied, “Nope, I’m human.”

“Omg what happened to your faces?” yet another fan wrote in a comment that also received over 100 likes. “Ha, you’re amazing,” Jennie wrote back with a kiss emoji.

The comments continued from there: “Too plastic.” “Too much Botox.”

“Why not own what you’re doing?” one fan asked. “Why not admit the surgeries and fillers and Botox. Everyone is doing it in Hollywood and EVERYONE can tell and knows about it so what’s the shame?” “It’s no big deal and it’s VERY noticeable… we KNOW ur age and that it’s not NORMAL to look like that without surgery/fillers/botox,” they continued.

Now it’s totally possible that Jennie has had work done on her face. But she’s never discussed it, and also it’s really nobody’s business.

Thankfully, other more empathetic fans came to Jennie and Tori’s defense. “You know, some of our favorite people who we looked up to growing up are kind enough to share their lives with us and all you people can do is get on here and put them down. I’m disgusted really,” one woman wrote.

“They don’t have to share anything with us — they do it because they want to interact with their FANS. And then to see all these disgusting and negative comments. If you people don’t like their faces or them then why are you following and commenting on their d**n Instagram pages. Get a life.”

Sigh. Sometimes you just can’t win, but at least not every commenter is a troll!


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