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This Is the Healthiest Way to Enjoy Alcohol, According to Jillian Michaels

PureWow logo PureWow 3/14/2019 (PureWow Editors)

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One day we’re reading a study that alcohol is the fountain of youth; the next, we find out that study was paid for by an alcohol company. We just want to know once and for all: Is booze good for you or not?

When personal trainer Jillian Michaels spoke to Bobbi Brown on her podcast, Long Story Short, here’s what she said on the topic.

Brown asked Michaels which was a better alcohol—vodka or tequila—to which Michaels responded:

“Vodka and tequila are fine, but believe it or not, to get the best benefit, you want dark alcohols like red wine, whiskey and dark beer.” Go on, Jillian…

“It’s the antioxidants and the polyphenols,” she explained. Brown then asked her to debunk a rumor: “What about dark tequila? Mezcal? I just read an article that mezcal actually burns fat.”

“No that’s not true…It’s actually totally untrue…It’s bullsh*t,” Michaels said. “But with that said, what alcohol does do is it helps keep your liver primed. An enzyme in your liver—remember, your liver is your detoxer, you want to keep that healthy and strong—it’s like a car that doesn’t get driven, if you drink a little bit, it keeps this enzyme going in your liver and your liver functions better.”

Look, we’re not making any health claims here (moderation is the key to everything, right?) but we knew there was a reason we prefer red wine.

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