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This sunrise alarm clock will get you through daylight saving time

TODAY logo TODAY 3/12/2018 Donna Freydkin

woman in bed with burnoutwoman in bed with burnout and vintage flip clock on her head © Getty Images stock woman in bed with burnoutwoman in bed with burnout and vintage flip clock on her head This new light has brightened up the nighttime routine in our home.

I can't remember a time when my son, now 7, slept in the dark.

He's never had nightmares, been petrified of imaginary monsters, or believed in ghosts. But he's also been totally stubborn in his refusal to get shut-eye without the glare of a lamp. And surprising exactly no one, it takes him at least 30 minutes to to sleep every night.

A new study indicates that kids sleep better in the dark. Yes, it might seem like an obvious sentiment, but try explaining that to a child who believes Deadpool, Black Panther and Captain America are real.

So I have to thank the Philips Somneo Sunrise Wake Up and Sleep Therapy Light, which has become my son's new sleep buddy.

This thing is awesome. Unlike a regular lamp, which can have a handful of settings, the Somneo lets you adjust brightness and dimness to your exact specifications. And you can set the light to gently brighten the room when it's time to wake up.

If you are struggling with daylight saving time, this can be a lifesaver in helping you wake up more easily in dark spring and summer mornings.

Someo on bedside table © TODAY, image courtesy of merchant website Someo on bedside table Need ambient noise? It's got you covered, with either the magic sounds of nature or music from your own playlist. Oh, wait, you like to relax with breathing exercises? Somneo can help out, with a light-guided option. Best of all, it's really, really pretty, a glass orb that's sleek and unobtrusive.

For a more affordable option, the Wake-Up Light from Philips can simulate sunrise and sunset with fading light and has an alarm clock. (It's also on sale right now - this lamp normally retails for $135.)

My quest for precision kiddie lighting has been ongoing, mostly because my kid is incredibly picky. Below is our runner-up for best dimmable night light.

Brightech LED lamp, which takes up minimal table space, looks space age enough to impress a child and has a built-in dimmer button that lets you toggle between three different settings. Keep in mind, if you are looking for the fancy bells and whistles (an alarm clock, ambient noise, automatic settings, etc.) this probably isn't the lamp for you.

To find more affordable lamps with the wake-up settings we love about Somneo, TODAY Home took to top retailers to figure out which models reviewers were raving about.

This $16 light from DSstyles is the best selling wake-up light at Walmart right now. If you are looking for a "starter" wake up light, this is the one for you. It has a built in sunrise simulator and alarm clock. It can also play nature sounds and has an FM radio.

This is the best selling wake up light on Amazon right now. At only $37, this lamp from Fiery Youth comes with six natural sounds, FM radio, sunrise and sunset simulation and a snooze function.


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