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Woman With Large Birthmarks Proves Childhood Bullies Wrong By Embracing Skin In Gorgeous Photos logo 3/18/2019 Kim Wong-Shing
a woman taking a selfie: birthmarks © Instagram / Yulianna Yussef birthmarks

A 25-year-old Instagram blogger is inspiring thousands by openly embracing her large birthmarks.

Yulianna Yussef is an Instagram influencer in Warsaw, Poland. The Ukrainian-Lebanese woman grew up enduring severe bullying over the birthmarks that cover much of her skin. The marks are caused by a rare condition called congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN).

“It wasn’t only comments, parents of other children didn’t let me play with their kids because they thought that I was contagious,” Yulianna told Mirror Online in a recent interview.

Eventually, Yulianna decided to stay home during the day to avoid the stares and teasing. She only went outside when it was dark.

As she grew older, though, she became sick and tired of hiding and feeling afraid. So she embarked on a journey to self-acceptance, starting an Instagram page to educate others about her condition.

“I want to be happy, healthy, feel beautiful and confident and sexy in my own skin and I am now,” Yulianna said. “But it’s been a long way to this.”

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