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This $8 Hack Will Make Storing Parchment Paper and Foil SO Much Easier

Taste of Home logo Taste of Home 7/2/2020 Erica Young
a box on a table © Nicole Doster / Taste of Home

You may not have woken up today worrying about the state of your aluminum foil and plastic wrap. But this clever kitchen wrap organizer hack is the one you never knew you needed.

Most of us stuff our waxed paper, foil, parchment paper and plastic wrap in a drawer. It's a solution that works well enough. But this requires you to take the entire roll out of the drawer every time you need it, and then use both hands to tear off a sheet.

You can simplify this whole process with a pack of 3M Command hooks and a wooden dowel.

How to Make a DIY Kitchen Wrap Organizer

© Nicole Doster / Taste of Home

The kitchen storage idea mounts your rolls of foil and paper on the inside of a cabinet door. This method allows you to tear off sheets of food coverings quickly with one hand. When it comes to time saved in the kitchen, every second counts.

You'll need:

Step 1: Mount the Command Hooks

You want to pace them just a little further apart than the length of the paper or foil box.

Step 2: Insert a Dowel

Poke a hole on each side of the paper or foil box. (Some boxes already have precut holes!)

Then, insert a thin wooden dowel through the holes in the box so that it's threaded through the roll of paper.

Step 3: Hang

Hang the dowel on the two Command Hooks like you're hanging a curtain rod.

Repeat for each roll of paper or foil. It's as easy as that!

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With your rolls of parchment paper, plastic wrap and aluminum foil hanging up, you can grab what you need with one easy tear. Who knew covering up leftovers could be so fun?

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