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37 ways to make something new out of something old

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Book box for remote control

A fresh plotline for a used book: storing a remote! Unlike Downton Abbey, your clunky clicker isn't exactly a must-see. So stash the eyesore in a book: You'll need one at least two inches longer and 1/4 inch deeper than your remote control.Step 1: Open the book's back cover. Using a foam brush, coat the inside cover and facing page with school glue. Close the book and press down firmly for 10 seconds.Step 2: Open the book's front cover. Coat the entire stack of pages—all three exposed sides—with school glue, taking care not to get any on the topmost page. Let dry for one hour; repeat. Close the book, weight it with a second book, and let dry overnight.Step 3: Open the front cover, center your remote on the first page, and trace around it with a pencil, adding 1/4 inch all the way around. Set the remote aside. With an X-Acto knife, cut along the marked line, removing two to three pages at a time. Continue until your remote fits deeply inside.Step 4: Cut a piece of ribbon that's half the length of your book plus five inches. Trim one end into a fork; dot hot glue on the opposite end, and affix it in the bottom-center of the hollowed-out area—this "bookmark" will lift out your neatly disguised device.YOU HAVE: Old book School glue Remote control Pencil X-Acto knife Scissors Hot glueYOU'LL NEED: 2" foam brush ($0.47, 9-mm ribbon ($1.59 per yard,
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