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9 Times Keeping Secrets Might Save Your Relationship

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9 Times Keeping Secrets Might Save Your Relationship

In a perfect world, 24/7 honesty and openness in relationships would be a reality. But we’re not perfect and neither is the world — and there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few secrets from your significant other. (Some have even argued it’s a necessity in good relationships.) Let’s be clear: We’re not saying it’s ever OK to outright lie, and little white lies aren’t even something you should be doing on a daily basis. But keeping part of your life and thoughts private is healthy and important. 

For instance, does your SO really need to know that you think his or her mom is an annoying chatterbox after one glass of wine? Or find out that in your senior year of college you slept with 75 percent of your total number? Definitely not. Here are nine subjects that experts confirm are totally fine to keep to yourself when you’re in a relationship.

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