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On Trend: The 50 Hottest Baby Names of 2017

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On Trend: The 50 Hottest Baby Names of 2017

With every year comes new baby-naming trends - think nouns as names and unisex monikers in 2016 - and in 2017, it's looking like the hottest trends of the year include multicultural picks, pop-culture-inspired names (like Bowie), and options that are seemingly more gender-specific than in past years.

According to Nameberry's top name charts, there are quite a few names that saw over 100 percent growth from January 2016 to January 2017 (some even grew by over 1,000 percent - lookin' at you, Tatjana!). Although many of the names are unique enough that they likely won't make it into the coveted top slots of the year, these names are clearly on the rise and looking to make a splash on the year's trendy lists.

Scroll through to see 50 of the predicted hottest baby names of the year.

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