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For those of you out there thinking about what to name your child—especially as most babies are born in July, August, September and October—check out this list of baby names that are making a comeback, released by the Social Security Administration.

The name trends reflect the growing cultural diversity in the US and the fact that there are some very imaginative parents out there. (Turns out, there are a lot of parents who really really love Star Wars.)

Naming your child can feel like a high stakes game and few people feel prepared for it; it's significance kind of sneaks up on you. You go from making funny lists of names to all of a sudden feeling like the name you choose for you child could affect their future. Could it help them fit in at school or be the source of their bullying? Would it have an impact on what jobs are open to them? If we all thought too hard about it, we'd all probably stick to conventional names. But thankfully, we don't.

I've always been fascinated by names, their meaning and their impact. Here are a few recently popular ones from the list that stood out to me.

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