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11 Simple Rules For Successful Closet Cleaning

Rodale's Organic Life Logo By Peter Walsh of Rodale's Organic Life | Slide 1 of 12: <p>Grab another trash bag. Just as you did with the hanging items, move through your closet to discard items on shelves or in drawers that you can quickly and easily decide have no place in your home. Make a second pass if you're feeling empowered.</p><p><strong>Related: <a href="">Gorgeous Storage Solutions To Control Your Clutter</a></strong></p><p>The more you practice this exercise, the better you'll be able to quickly judge what stays and what goes. Revel in the increased open space in your closet. It's already starting to breathe just a little more easily!</p>

Cleaning out a mountain of a closet can be a daunting task, so break it up into smaller steps and make it more manageable. You may want to tackle these steps back-to-back or take a break in between. And if you're feeling up for company, don't go into it alone! If you're stuck making a decision on what to keep and what to toss, call for help. Invite a close friend or friends you know well, who have opinions you trust. Open a bottle of good wine, or sparkling water if that's your preference, and ask for feedback on what looks good and what doesn't. Honest opinions, a few laughs, and the realization that you've made some not-so-fashion-forward choices will go a long way toward deciding which clothes make you look great and which would look better on a mannequin at your local Goodwill. Here's how to start:

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