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How to make an easy bee farm in Minecraft 1.18 logo 1/23/2022 Kenneth Williams

Minecraft bee farms are more complex than other structures, but the result is endless wax and honey. Here’s how to make one easily.

Minecraft bees have quickly become iconic. The floating friends are useful for creating a bunch of different materials including waxed copper. The Caves and Cliff Part Two update added a brand new spawn point in mountain meadows, creating a reliable source of bees and greater potential access to their related materials. If you don’t want to scale sheer cliffs to get them, an automatic Minecraft bee farm is the best option. With a little bit of AI manipulation and redstone trickery, you can have endless bee materials.

How to build an automatic bee farm in Minecraft

The first step is to gather your resources. Construction will require beehives, hoppers, dispensers, observers, redstone dust, flowers, and a bunch of empty bottles. The exact quantity will depend on how big you want the bee farm to be. This design is easy to expand to any size.

When you’re ready to begin, carve out a ditch two blocks long and two blocks deep. The length can be whatever you want, but for this example we will use a five-block wide automatic Minecraft bee farm. Fill one side of the ditch up with hoppers and fill in the other half with whatever material you want. At the end, place a double chest.

For the ground layer, cover the hoppers with dirt and pour water on the other side. Place a flower on top of each dirt block. This will give the Minecraft bees something to pollinate for your automatic farm. 

Two blocks behind the ditch, place a row of dispensers facing towards the flowers. Place a row of beehives in front of them. To make bees enter your hive, place them near the original hive after destroying it. Bees will come out during the day and rest inside at night. You can also lure them away from their home and towards the bee farm by holding a flower.

The next step is to place a row of observers on top of the beehives. Make sure the red dot is facing up. Then place any blocks on top of the dispensers to create a square structure and cover the top in redstone. The structure should look something like this from the side.

All that’s left to do is to cover the structure in glass and fill the dispensers. Grab as many glass bottles as you can and throw them into the dispenser. When they register honey in the beehives, they will toss out a glass bottle that will automatically fill with honey. All of it can be collected in the chest at the end of the Minecraft automatic bee farm.

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