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This Simple Hack Will Keep Spiders out of Your House

The Family Handyman logo The Family Handyman 11/13/2018 Rachel Brougham
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The last thing you want to see when you turn on the light in the bathroom late at night is a spider in the middle of the floor. Also, it can make your skin crawl to watch one scurry across the bedroom floor and hide under a dresser before you can get to it.

If there’s one spider, that means there are plenty more. That’s not such a bad thing as spiders kill other pests in your home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want them anywhere near you.

This is why you should never kill a spider.

There is an easy solution to repel spiders in areas of the home where you don’t want them, and that solution is: moth balls! Moth balls not only kill moths, but they can ward off other pests, such as spiders.

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When using moth balls as a spider repellent, just make sure they are placed in areas where pets and family members can’t get at them and won’t have to breathe fumes, since moth balls are essentially a pesticide that evaporates into the air.

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Here’s how to repel spiders with moth balls:

  1. Pinpoint some locations in your home where you’ve seen spiders. Attics, basements and crawl spaces are common locations.
  2. Grab a Mason jar and use a drill to put three or four holes into the jar’s lid.
  3. Take three moth balls and place them in the jar and close the lid tightly. Make sure to avoid contact with skin and eyes when handling moth balls. It’s best to wear gloves and don’t inhale the fumes.
  4. Make one jar for each area where spiders are a problem.
  5. Be sure all of the jars are tightly sealed and out of reach from children and pets.
  6. The effect of the moth balls should last up to six months.

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