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Learning to Love Yourself According to Your Sign

Astrofame Logo By Astrofame of Astrofame | Slide 1 of 13: You often have the tendency to imagine the worst and, as a result, you scare yourself and block yourself off. In case of panic or pessimistic images, close your eyes and concentrate on a happy moment in your life: travel, the birth of your children, etc. … Negative images should quickly fade!The secret to loving yourself: Stop scaring yourself and imagining the worst! Chase away negative thoughts in your mind to take back your self-trust!

Good self-esteem is vital in order to grow and come out of your shell. It's this self confidence that allows us to achieve our goals in all aspects of our life, but it isn’t always easy… To help resolve this, we’re here to reveal secrets about learning to love yourself according to your star sign! Self-esteem is developed from infancy to adulthood, and certain wounds can sometimes be detrimental to our relationships and prevent us from living happy carefree lives. Addressing these 'wounds' will make us feel better about ourselves and help us to turn over a new leaf. No need to worry as astrology is here to help… It’s only a question of learning to love yourself and being aware of your qualities and accepting yourself as you are. Good self-esteem is essential in order to feel at ease in your skin. How do you learn to love yourself? Here are the secrets for each sign

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