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Signs most likely to cheat

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Is your man faithful?: Signs most likely to cheat © Astrofame Signs most likely to cheat

A study organized by a site that specializes in extramarital encounters has unveiled the records of the most unfaithful astrological signs. What’s just as surprising is the sign of a person reveals their personality and tendency to flirt around. We’re here to tell you all about the signs who are most likely to cheat.

The behavior of your other half has you thinking, and you have the impression that he’s hiding something. You have doubts regarding their faithfulness, but after having gone through his texts, emails, and even his call history, you aren’t always reassured. No need to panic, astrology is here to help!

The tendency to be unfaithful, to give in to temptation, and the need to go see other things are like a lot of our other personality traits engraved in our astrological birth chart. Astrology reveals the astrological signs of the most unfaithful men for you.

The most unfaithful sign is…, a website for extramarital encounters, recently revealed the shocking results of a survey taken by 2,083 netizens all around Europe.

The all-around champion for infidelity is (drum roll, please)… Mr. Sagittarius! If your guy is a Sagittarius, pay attention but don’t give him the cold shoulder tonight because when a Sagittarius is truly in love, he doesn’t budge. Sagittarius men who owned up to being unfaithful were really unhappy in their relationship.

Percentage of infidelity according to astrological sign and the survey taken

  • Sagittarius: 16%
  • Aquarius: 15%
  • Gemini: 13%
  • Capricorn: 11%
  • Aries: 9%
  • Cancer: 8%
  • Taurus: 7%
  • Libra: 5%
  • Leo: 5%
  • Virgo: 4%
  • Pisces: 4%
  • Scorpio: 3%

Which men should you avoid, according to their sign?

Click on his sign and find out if you can trust him or not!


Aries men are very unfaithful, and are even well known for that! They give into their urges without asking themselves questions, just like a Scorpio man would. The little difference: an Aries will string together stories for the night while Scorpio can get caught up in consuming passion that will take him farther than anticipated.


These guys are usually faithful and very stable. With them you don’t have much to worry about, but still keep an eye out because their overflowing sensuality makes them stumble about, so it’s best you fill in any possible void.


They guys are flirts and players and will often have a dangerous, ongoing game of romance-friendship that amuses them very much; however, you don’t have to worry because it’s just a game for them, and they’ll never go far. They’re only teasing!


These guys are unfaithful and romantic even if that appears contradictory. When they fall in love, they’ll follow their every desire, even if they’re previously engaged in another relationship. For them, there’s no question of having a double life for long. They get things straight very quickly and are very good at making choices.


These guys want to be faithful because faithfulness is a huge part of their principles. For them, the idea of cheating on their other half pulls them down, and they feel it’s degrading. Unfortunately for them, they often struggle to resist beauty and hedonism’s call. Fortunately, they’re gifted in keeping up appearances like their Sagittarius counterparts.


Virgo men are faithful in every circumstance. When them, you never really have to be afraid; however, it’s worth noting that they only stay loyal because they’re too scared of being caught red-handed.


They can be unfaithful but only if they’re feeling neglected. Their need for love and delight is stronger than anything, so if you forget them, they’re likely to be tempted to go look elsewhere for affection. Fortunately, their need of stability and harmony within a relationship pushes them to think twice before doing something irredeemable.


Scorpio men are passionate and fascinating, and they give way to their urges without asking any questions. Their overflowing libido often pushes them to cheat. They can get caught up in an overwhelming passion that they’ll let take them farther than initially expected.


People call these guys unfaithful, sometimes very unfaithful. They are often married men who are managing a double life. They love to be caught in the norm and appear “conformed” even if they’re married, but they are very disloyal behind the scenes. Avoid this guy because he has an art for masking the facts.


Capricorn is a faithful, even very faithful, guy. With them you can sleep soundly when they’re out with friends. They will never cheat you, they are self-assured, and very stable within a relationship. They’d rather break it off than cheat.


Oh, boy. Aquarius men are fickle, unstable, and not at all loyal because they don’t think about the consequences whenever they act. They rush headlong without asking themselves questions, especially if they’re bored in their relationship. They don’t care about being caught red-handed and they do what they want.


These guys are extremely faithful and strongly attached to their girl. They’re true lovers. They only need to be with their other half. Pay attention because they can let themselves be influenced by a captivating encounter and finish by losing themselves in an emotional whirlwind.


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