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The Secret to Harmonious Working Relationships

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The Secret to Harmonious Working Relationships: The secrets to a nice work atmosphere! © Astrofame The secrets to a nice work atmosphere! Life at the office is becoming more and more demanding. People are always expecting higher pay, extra hours, increased workloads, in-service training, discounts, relocation, and fierce competition… but, the most difficult aspect is yielding to the company policies and confronting the different personalities who make up the business.

Astrology can prove to be special help because it consists of an excellent tool that can decode professional relationships.

Have you already noticed that it’s easier to collaborate with certain people and not others? Go on a little quest and find out the birthdays of your best and worst partner. You could also put some useful strategies in place and discover which colleague proves to make a good team member and which one is an absolute tyrant.

Examples of Working Together at the Office

Libra working with an Aries

Our first example: Libra, you’re working with a Aries. The latter is naturally dominant and Libras have the tendency to agree with everything due to their passive character. Teamwork with Aries can sometimes turn into a nightmare if Libra doesn’t keep a distance. Aries will always be looking for confrontation, something that’s stimulating for them. The best way to respect each other would be refraining from walking all over one another!

Virgo working with a Pisces

If you’re a Virgo and your partner is a Pisces, you could find them moody and unpredictable. Their lack of attention to details will probably be the source of arguments between you two because it’s you who the Pisces will come to when problems begin to unfold. On the contrary, if you’re a Pisces, your Virgo partner will fill in your lack of creativity wonderfully.

Scorpio working with a Leo

If you're a Scorpio and your colleague is a Leo, the latter could have a hard time grasping your methods and your quiet strength. In regards to you, you could feel attacked by Leo's flamboyant, theatrical style. The tip is to remain subtle in every circumstance and to focus while you're working.

How to Work with Colleagues or Bosses, According to Their Signs

Click on their signs and discover how to work best with your colleagues! Are you ready to become the work mascot?


Geminis are true social butterflies. They excel in the art of building relationships and creating contacts. In general, Geminis loves intellectual activities like research, foreign languages, or writing. You can often find a Gemini at the heart of a work council or near the coffee machine, gossiping. For the flourishing of each worker, entrust a Gemini to organize meetings, social events, company motivation, writing, or internet documentation.


Aries is a born leader. He knows how to find solutions and make decisions but he can come across as someone a teeny bit aggressive. If you’re face to face with an Aries, stand your ground because Aries is stubborn and doesn’t know limits very well. The ideal thing to do is let Aries make orders but not dominate. Know how to agree to the best alternatives to any problems, choose your words while giving advice, and let yourself have the last word.


Taurus is calm, stable, reliable, and diligent; however, sometimes Taurus can come across as a slacker. Pushing themselves to work won’t do anything, though, because Taurus is generally stubborn. They appreciate a professional environment that’s peaceful and without interruption or negative vibes. Taurus is a methodical worker and a good performer who respects deadlines. By understanding Taurus’s work methods better, you’ll help to avoid conflicts and frustration.


Cancer’s the fairy godmother of the office and makes sure that everyone’s experiencing an environment that’s sane and comfortable. Cancer has a familial concept of the business, which explains why they doesn’t tolerate conflicts between colleagues very well. Cancer is very sensitive and emotional and has the tendency to internalize everything. Let Cancer freely express their “mother hen” side because Cancer needs to feel essential.


Leo is the dose of energy in the company. Leo sets the atmosphere in every situation thanks to their warm and friendly nature, but has the tendency to spread himself/herself. Leos need to be the center of attention. They flourish in sales, public demonstrations, or coaching. On the contrary, avoid giving them any accounting or sorting to do because Leos hate daunting and meticulous tasks, and they’ll feel under exploited about their abilities.


Virgos are attentive to details and provide work that’s neat and organised. They respect policies to the letter and flourish when they can take charge, those this can annoy certain people. Since Virgos like to oversee the trivial details that others have gladly given up, Virgos are appropriate for implementing projects, distributing tasks, or planning as well as monitoring things from day to day.


Libras make good mediators or psychologists thanks to their skill of dealing with people, their ability to analyse, and their creativity. Libras excel in negotiating and planning. They make a point in fields of design, decoration, and company union. Libra is the most appropriate for resolving inter-personal issues in the company, but they aren’t so good at decision making.


This sign is someone strong and discreet at the same time, but some may take Scorpio’s lack visible lack of interest as arrogance. Extremely ambitious, Scorpio is full of an in exhaustible energy. The passion and energy that characterize Scorpio don’t make them any less than an excellent teammate who can prove themselves to be lifesaving as well as impressive. In short, never underestimate the potential of a Scorpio!


Sagittarius is dynamic and always working night and day. A born philosopher and explorer, Sagittarius is a fine strategist with an open mind for business. Very intelligence, Sagittarius is interested in everything but doesn’t do anything by halves. In order to flourish, Sagittarius needs change, contact, and travel in their work.


Capricorn is both the thinking head and the voice of reason of the business. Capricorn knows how to lead projects in the end and proves to be an effective and determined worker. If a Capricorn slowly advances towards success, they can take on big responsibilities with vigor. They especially excel in holding accounts, income assessment, and logistics, but don’t ask a Capricorn to appear creative!


Aquarius is a born trendsetter. Their mind is devised for the newest technology. Capricorn’s preferred fields are: NICT, computer science, Research and Development, or documentation. Open and ready for everything, An Aquarius likes to help their colleagues and knows how to get a mixed group to agree together. Trust an Aquarius with diverse tasks and every routine if you want to avoid mutiny.


Sensitive, creativity, and an artistic sense are all characteristics of a Pisces. Because of this, their minds are sized for conceptual work, artistic or photographic. They struggle with administrative or minute chores, so their potential would profit most from brain-teasers or the conception of new services or productions. Pisces also need space and encouragement!



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