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Your Weekly Horoscope: November 19-25

Astrofame logo Astrofame 11/19/2018 Astrofame
a star filled sky: Good news! Your weekly horoscope is here! © Astrofame Good news! Your weekly horoscope is here!

Another new week ahead! What's to be expected of this week? Our expert Susan has looked at the stars to give you a little insight into your week ahead. Your free horoscope of the week is here, discover it now!

Our astrologer and editor in chief, Susan, and her team have worked hard on this issue of your free weekly horoscope to offer you a little glimpse into the week of 19th to 25th November.

Discover the biggest trends in love, work, and finance thanks to astrology. Thanks to the precious indications of Susan, you’ll be able to kick start your week knowing what’s in store for you! Don’t miss out on your weekly head start!

What does this week hold for you? Find out here! 

Is it time to ask for a raise? Are you in for some good news? Will you meet a special someone on Saturday night? Find out all you need to know here!


Life: At work, it will be necessary to increase your efforts to gain the support of your collaborators. Try to stay calm if people try to hold you back from progressing.

Love: You’ll want something new and you’ll feel like packing everything in as you'll feel you can’t follow your routine anymore. You’ll ignore what people say about you and your behavior, letting the world see your spontaneity.


Life: You may have some doubts up until to Wednesday but you’ll be able to count on some unexpected support which will help move forward a project which was stagnating. A sigh of relief!

Love: For Taurus, there are ‘friends’ and then actual friends … You don’t really do things half-heartedly. Indecisive and distant people really get under your skin, so you’ll happily cross them out of your address book, without any hesitation!


Life: Struggling to concentrate, you’ll make baby steps in your practical approaches but at the end of the week, everything will suddenly become clear. Good news will come your way and it’ll be an opportunity you ought to grasp.

Love: You’ll feel tension. On Friday the 23rd, the Full Moon will be in Gemini. Linked with Jupiter but badly positioned with Mars, the moon will help you to sift between your real and false friends!


Life: Nothing can stop you this time! Your dynamism will demand respect, you’ll put your heart and soul into your projects that come your way without complaining about the hours, nor any fatigue.

Love: These days, take care to not trigger anybody's insecurities with your humor and your teasing spirit. You may be in a good state of mind at the moment, but those around you may be less so …


Life: You’ll look around you and will clearly see who are the leaders and who are the disciples. This will give you a big head start over your competition or any envious colleagues.

Love: Singles, love could well knock at your door without any warning, it would be a shame to not open the door just because you didn’t see that person coming in your plans! Those in couples, someone else may tempt you.


Life: Life is hard! You may have overstepped the mark the last couple times, so you may feel like your running on nothing. You’ll need time to recover, you need to rediscover yourself.

Love: You’ll really need take your mind off things. You’ll want to grasp life by the horns and use each opportunity to go out, to see the world and to meet new faces.


Life: You’ll struggle to put up with day to day life. Repetitive tasks weigh you down and you’ll play with the idea of seeing if the grass is greener elsewhere!

Love: Did you meet someone on a night out recently? You have a glint in your eyes, you’ll have your head in the cloudsLove is in the air!


Life: Take a step back and analyze your situation this week. By focusing on being organized and foresighted, you’ll be more effective at work and your bosses will be astonished.

Love: After a slightly heavy start to the week, a cloud of gloom may follow you around and weigh you down. You’ll want to inject some humor into your entourage. A great idea!


Life: You’re an endless supply of energy, like a battery that never runs out. As soon as the alarm rings, you’ll jump out of the bed and work tirelessly the whole day.

Love: You’ll be relaxed. On Sunday, the Sun and Jupiter will give you all the assets and luck you need to get what you want! You’ll be more radiant than ever, those around you will try hard to emulate you.


Life: Mercury won’t help you in your business and property transactions. It will benefit you to elaborate on your plans and strategies before signing anything, especially if it’s a financial decision. It's definitely a worthwhile step.

Love: You’ll crack! You’ll feel irresistibly attracted by the person of your dreams. Just their presence will fill you with energy and you’ll eventually give in, for the sake of your own happiness.


Life: The planets tend to destabilize you professionally, so it won’t be easy to stay on track after Wednesday. Financially, things will be more complicated and a small loss is possible if you don’t increase your prudence.

Love: You move forward without looking back. Only those who share your spirit and dynamism will gather around you. Your creed is effectively “If you like me, you follow me!”


Life: At work you’ll be stressed, as you run about the office without even taking the time for a small coffee-break. You want to do everything and you want to do it better than anyone else. Wanting to be everywhere at once will get you nowhere in the end.

Love: You’ve been in need of affection and support recently, so why pretend that you don’t need anyone. Reach out!

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