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My 2 & 5 Year-Old Daughters Are 'Kidfluencers' | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

THE PATTON family - better known on social media as ‘Snackbandits’, have over 1.6 million TikTok followers. They garnered attention after videos of five-year-old Dakota doing incredible makeup looks and cheeky two-year-old Dylan pinching snacks went viral. It all started when dad Jarell decided to film Dylan sneaking snacks as proof to his wife Kandis and their astonishment that Dakota recreated a character’s look from a film. Since going viral, the family have collaborated with various food and entertainment brands and Dakota and Dylan have become ‘kidfluencers’. While there has been a lot of positivity, Jarell and Kandis have also received judgement about their content and their daughters including the type of snacks Dylan has or the type of looks Dakota does. Kandis said: “How could somebody say such negative things about this beautiful child?” The family are proud that their girls are expressing themselves and will continue to support them in their endeavours. Follow the family here:
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