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My Wife Is Engaged To Another Woman | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

A POLYAMOROUS throuple faces judgement from some of their “disapproving” family. Amber, 28, Chad, 41, and Ashley 32 live together in Texas as a polyamorous group. Amber and Chad had been married for six years when they decided to open up their relationship, having agreed on an interest in non-monogamy. The three have a ‘hinge’ poly relationship, in which one person dates the other two people. The ‘hinge’ partner in this relationship is Amber, who met Ashley online. Amber explained how her marriage to Chad naturally opened up: “We established that I'm pansexual, and maybe one day I'd like to be with a woman again.” She met Ashley while she and Chad were dating other people, and “hit it off immediately". Despite their harmonious group dynamic, they still face judgment from the outside world. Follow Ashley here -
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