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People Are Putting Up ‘Halloween Christmas Trees,’ And The Internet Doesn’t Know What To Think logo 10/15/2018 Kim Wong-Shing
halloween-trees © Instagram / @charlenephillips92 / @one.cozy.pumpkin halloween-trees

It’s not even Halloween yet, and already stores are stocking their aisles with Christmas decorations. Christmas! In October! It’s just not okay.

There’s only one solution to this dilemma: make your Christmas tree into a Halloween tree. Surprisingly, people are actually doing just that, and the results are pretty awesome. Instead of green and red, folks are using orange and black along with pumpkins and skulls to make their Christmas trees suitable for the spooky season. And out of all the Christmas tree mash-ups that we’ve seen over the years, this one might just take the cake.

Also, incidentally, Halloween Christmas trees are the perfect excuse to get your tree set up early so that you don’t have to do it later. If you get creative, maybe you can make your Christmas tree appropriate for every holiday?!

If you’re still having trouble picturing how or why anyone would possibly want a Halloween Christmas tree, just scroll down and see them for yourself. You’ll see.

a close up of a decorated tree inside a room © @charlenephillips92 / Instagram

It’s October, and Halloween fans are flocking to their local stores for spooky decorations.


But what do they find when we get there? CHRISTMAS STUFF. Already.

a close up of Will Ferrell © GIPHY

Fine, maybe Christmas IS only a couple months away and it’s not too soon to start getting ready for the holiday season, but we can’t just skip over Halloween either!

The only answer is clear. Halloween Christmas.

© @inourtownofhalloween / Instagram

You don’t have to choose! You can have both decorations at once! Just put up your Christmas tree now, and turn it into a Halloween Christmas tree for the time being.

a christmas tree in a dark room © @one.cozy.pumpkin / Instagram

At least, that’s what some clever Halloween enthusiasts have started to do lately.

a group of people standing around a motorcycle © @adamczarnik / Instagram

To make a Halloween Christmas tree, you just replace your normal Christmas decorations with all things spooky – skulls, pumpkins, zombies, spiders, and so on. You can even put Halloween candy under the tree!

a christmas tree in a room © @ashleyzora / Instagram

Or just stick with the gift thing.

a group of people in a room © @frankenstein69 / Instagram

Halloween Christmas trees may seem a little wacky at first, but you have to admit that they look pretty cool. That’s probably why the trend is actually catching on.

a screenshot of a cell phone © @lacucina / Twitter

The urge to combine these two festivities together is pretty tempting – a “great idea,” even!

a christmas tree in a room © @lindseyiam / Twitter

And there’s even a movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, that ties together both themes for you.

So, to answer this Twitter user’s question about whether she should spring for a Jack Skellington-themed tree this year…

a screenshot of a cell phone © @Eugenia_Cooney / Instagram

The answer is yes. ABSOLUTELY.

a close up of a purple flower © @belle_soleil / Instagram

Because it will look amazing.

a red and white striped mask © @waynelbennett / Instagram

And after Halloween, you can just shake off the spooky stuff and re-decorate it for Christmas, like so.

a person standing in a room © GIPHY



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