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Prince Harry Will ‘Find Himself Out in the Cold’ After His Netflix Documentary and Book Are Released, Says Royal Commentator

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Prince Harry reportedly wanted to be independent and live life on his terms before he eventually stepped down as a working royal. After leaving his royal duties, he and Meghan Markle worked toward making their own money through deals with Netflix, Spotify, and more. One royal commentator believes Prince Harry said too much about the royal family and might “find himself out in the cold” after his Netflix documentary and book are released.

Royal commentator says she isn’t looking forward to Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary

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During an interview with Sky News host Gary Hardgrave, commentator Prue MacSween says she’s not excited about Meghan and Harry’s upcoming Netflix documentary. However, she will most likely watch out of “curiosity.”

“I think that out of curiosity I’ll admit that I’ll probably watch it just to be further disgusted by his shenanigans and that of his missus,” says MacSween.

Royal commentator says Prince Harry will be ‘out in the cold’

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MacSween believes Prince Harry has regrets about sharing too much about the royal family. She also says royalists will react strongly to Harry and Meghan’s documentary because they’re still mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. MacSween says the public has “turned” when it comes to their feelings toward the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“But when you think about the fact that the public has turned really well and truly now with the death of Her Majesty,” says MacSween. “There was so much love for that woman and sympathy for her. Now, I think that he’s seen what he’s done, and I think he’s probably lamenting it.”

“But it’s a runaway train for him because Netflix will want to capitalize on what has happened this year and I think he’s going to really find himself out in the cold well and truly,” adds MacSween. “He’s made his bed and now he’s going to have to lie in it.”

Harry and Meghan have fallen out of favor with the British public according to Neil Sean

During an interview with FOX Business, commentator Neil Sean says people in Britain don’t view Harry and Meghan favorably. He says the duke and duchess have fallen out of favor in recent months. According to Sean, this wasn’t always the case.

“It’s very sad,” says Sean. “The bottom line is they were welcomed in here. People are just perplexed by Prince Harry because it’s like he’s had a complete personality change. With Meghan herself, I’ve always said this at the very start of that relationship that I never saw her cutting ribbons on a wet Wednesday in Rotherham, or something like that. She did not seem to me to be that sort of person.”

Sean says on the other hand King Charles is conducting an official state visit where he will welcome the president of South Africa. He says this is an example of how the monarchy “does good things and welcomes people,” despite what Harry and Meghan implied during their Oprah interview.

Sean says it must hurt King Charles to see his son speaking so poorly of the royal family. According to Sean, Prince Harry’s statements not only attack what Queen Elizabeth has built but also his mother, Princess Diana.

“It must be heartbreaking for [King Charles] because there across the pond is his youngest son attacking everything that his late dear mother built up and indeed of course the beautiful Princess Diana.”

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