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Woman Gets Phone Call From The Biological Mom Of Her Kid Who 'Needs To Get Her Baby Back' 1/30/2023 Stephanie Kaloi (she/her/hers)

Families are created in so many ways these days, and it's truly a wonderful thing. Some families are created through foster care and adoption, others are created through surrogacy, and still others are created by choice, instead of biological relation.

One woman recently shared on Reddit that she adopted her daughter several years ago. It turns out her daughter is the biological child of the woman's sister, who went no-contact after the decision to release her parental rights was made.

But now ... the sister is back in the picture and wants "her baby." © Provided by

The woman explains that when her sister said she didn't want to raise the baby, she was happy to step in: "My (36) sister N (29) got pregnant at 18. I am infertile and knew I couldn't have kids so when N said she was giving her baby for adoption, I decided to be her mom. N went no contact 5 months after giving birth."

a woman standing next to a body of water © Provided by Her sister told her she didn't know who the father of the baby was, but the poster eventually figured it out:

"For a bit of background, N got pregnant by a one night stand and she apparently didn't remember or know the father at the time of birth but when V was 2, a man T (35) messaged me on social media claiming to be the father of my child. N had run into him at a club and drunkenly confessed to the pregnancy."

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Now the poster and the father of the child are married:

"We met up, he bonded with his daughter and well that man is now my husband of 7 years. Coming back to my sister, she called me yesterday. Although I was surprised at her call, I picked up."

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The woman was really surprised to hear why her sister was actually calling:

"We made some small talk, then she said she had just gotten married a year back and both of them wanted children but couldn't because her husband was infertile but really wanted kids. I asked her if she wanted to adopt and she said she would just need to get her baby back."

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The woman rightly refused to "give back" her actual child:

"I was speechless for a few moments before replying that if she wants to meet my child as an aunt she is welcome to and we both can sit V down and explain the reason for her absence but she can't just ask me to give up my child. She said she'll sue me as she's the birth mother."

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The rest of the day really, really spiraled out of control:

"I told her she was out of her mind and I told her about T. She exploded. Calling me names and saying I stole her life. I got too emotional and hung up. T came home from work and on explaining to him, he was beyond furious."

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Now the woman's parents are mad at her, too, but the woman isn't so sure she's done anything wrong. Her husband also refuses to give up custody of their child based on the whims of her biological mother.

As ever, the goal was to find out what the people of Reddit think.

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Plenty of people weighed in on the situation! Unsurprisingly, people are aghast. One person writes, "Your sister is unhinged. She wants to steal a 10 year old away from her family so she can have her and be a mom, basically. This is extremely unkind, even completely ignoring your feelings. This would be a terrible thing to do to your child and shows she either gave zero consideration to 'her' daughter's feelings or is straight up delusional in her thinking."

© Provided by People also can't believe that the sister doesn't see how badly this could hurt the child in question.

"Jumping on this to say to the op [original poster] that her daughter is soon going to become a teenager and she does not need a biological mother crawling out from the woodwork talking nonsense to her daughter," a commenter said. "If she’s so out of touch with reality as to ask for a child back after years of her living a good life with the only mum she’s known, who knows what wouldn’t she say to this poor child."

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It's unknown if the woman even has a realistic idea of what her daughter is like right now. One commenter said:

"'I need to get my baby back' that is a full blown preteen. She probably still has this image of an infant in her mind, that's how far removed she is from this child."

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