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Here’s What Men and Women Say Are the Ideal Number of Sex Partners

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Some people want their significant other to divulge how many sexual partners they've had, while others would rather keep that information under wraps.

But those who choose to share may be curious to know how their numbers "line up" with others — and whether the amount of sex partners they've had would be considered ideal.

And now, a new survey of 2,000 adults in the U.S. and Europe from Superdrug Online Doctor has revealed that men and women believe the ideal number of sexual partners a person should have in their lifetime is around seven.

To be specific, female respondents reported that they felt 7.5 was the ideal number, while men said that 7.6 was the ideal figure.

Furthermore, female survey participants said that they consider a person who has had 15 or more partners to be "too promiscuous," while men think people who have had 14 or more partners are promiscuous.

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Female survey respondents reported having an average of seven sexual partner themselves, compared with 6.4 partners for male participants.

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Additionally, nearly 90% of female respondents and 88% of male respondents said a person should disclose the number of sexual partners they've had to someone they're dating.

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Around 30% of both genders said the figure should be revealed within the first month of dating, while close to 35% said the figure should be disclosed in the first one to four months.

And if they think their significant other has had too many sexual partners, only 30% said they might break up with the person. In contrast, if they think the person hasn't had enough partners, only 8% said they would consider breaking up.

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