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How To Cope With The Sunday Scaries

The Sunday scaries are negative thoughts or emotional distress about the week ahead and some people deal with it more often than others. Here are some ways to cope with the Sunday scaries and look forward to the upcoming week: First, you need to discover what is making you anxious and stressed about the upcoming week. Figuring this out will help you look at the problem objectively and find a workable solution. Once you have determined what is causing the emotional distress you should allow yourself to sit with your feelings for a minute. Validating your feelings puts the power back in your hands and means that your emotions are less likely to control you. Give yourself time to prepare and organize for the week ahead This will make you feel more on top of things and relieve stress. Once you have prepared for the week you should do relaxing activities such as meditation, reading, going for a walk or watching your favorite movie. Incorporating relaxing activities into your usual Sunday routine will help you wind down before the busy week ahead.
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