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Today I’m Covering My $25k Tattoos | TRANSFORMED

SEDRICK, 28, from Columbus, Ohio has spent over $25,000 covering his entire body in tattoos. Sedrick's obsession with ink started when he was 13; he got his first tattoo which initially he regretted. However, this proved only to be the beginning as now Sedrick's goal is to become the youngest person with their body completely covered in ink. Today, Sedrick, who is a barber by trade, is going to do something he thought would never be possible... To see his face without tattoos. Sedrick told Truly: "It's been about 14 years since I've seen myself without tattoos and I can't remember how that feels, I don't know how I'm going to recognise myself." After Sedrick's tattoo cover up is complete, he will be surprising his girlfriend and work colleagues at his barbershop with his new look. Will they all recognise him? Or will they mistake him for a total stranger? Follow Sedrick here:
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