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10 Things to Never Say During a Fight

Redbook Logo By Anna Davies of Redbook | Slide 1 of 10: Every couple argues, but these words will turn a spat into an all-out-war. Here, the phrases to avoid, and what to do if one passes your lips because hey, it happens.

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"I want a divorce"

In the heat of the moment, it's easy to say things you don't mean, but every expert we spoke with agreed that this statement can't easily be taken back—no matter how many times you apologize or swear you didn't mean it. "Statements like 'I'm done with this' or 'I'm leaving' breed insecurity," explains Judi Cinéas, a marriage and family therapist based in Palm Beach, FL. "I always tell clients that this should only be said if you're ready to sign the papers." So what happens if it slips? Apologize and explain that it will never happen again, but know it might be awhile before your partner fully trusts you. And it also may be time for you to do some soul-searching. If you truly blurted it out in a fit of rage, it could be helpful to work through your anger with a professional. But if you said it because it's on your mind, that's indicative of much deeper issues than the argument du jour.

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