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Apex Legends fans confused over bug that makes vehicles vanish logo 7/4/2022 Olivia Richman

A clip of an apparent bug where a Gibraltar makes a Trident disappear is leaving Apex Legends fans confused.

A Reddit post is making the rounds, showing a Gibraltar player leaps out of the Trident and as an enemy watches through their scope. The Gibraltar player looks to return to the vehicle but when they get too close, the Trident disappears completely. This leaves the player watching through their scope stunned.

While funny at first, the glitch has become a concern for players who feel others will be at a disadvantage when the circle begins to close in. Vehicles are a precious commodity in Apex Legends and having them vanish is far from ideal.

Why are vehicles disappearing in Apex Legends?

The clip was initially shared to Reddit, categorized as “Humor.” Players in the comments were quite amused by the short clip, joking that the Gibraltar put the car into his inventory. One person wrote that it would be hilarious to see the Trident in the Gibraltar’s death box when he’s eliminated or see it pop back up on the map with the rest of his items when he is defeated.

It’s currently unclear what actually happened in the clip. It’s not confirmed that the Gibraltar player actually removed the Trident himself or added it to his backpack. The vehicle could have just disappeared on its own, although it’s currently a mystery what triggered it.

And if it is in Gibraltar’s inventory, what can the player do with it? Some wondered if the Trident could be thrown at enemies like a grenade.

So far, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t responded to the glitch and it isn’t listed on Respawn Entertainment’s Trello board of ongoing bug issues with Apex Legends. Without any insight from the developers, it continues to be a mystery. Was this a one-time bug? Is it something that can be reproduced?

As Season 13 hype continues to fade, Apex Legends players may start to look for ways to remove or grab Tridents themselves. It could become an entirely new meta.

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