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Woman Confronts Husband Of 25 Years After Catching Him In Home Of His Secret Second Family

YourTango 12/6/2022 NyRee Ausler
Woman arguing with man's wife © Photo: @curbservn1 / TikTok Woman arguing with man's wife

After being married for 25 years, most women would expect to ride off into the sunset with their husbands.

One woman got the surprise of her life when she tracked her husband down at another lady’s home on Thanksgiving.

She found out that her husband of 25 years was married to another woman for 10.

The video, shared by a TikToker who goes by @Curbservn1 shared a video captioned, "Just found out my husband has another wife and a nine-year-old child on Thanksgiving."

At the start of the video, the woman walks up a driveway and then climbs the stairs to knock on the front door of a residence.

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The woman is heard telling her toddler, "Come on, baby. Come on."

She bangs on the door of the home loudly.

Someone behind the door, clearly agitated by the aggressive knocking shrieks, "Who is it?"

The woman identifies herself as 'Tana' and explains she is looking for her husband, Donovan.

The woman who opens the door says, "Your husband?" in utter disbelief.

After getting the unwelcome guest's confirmation, she asserts, "You can’t have a husband named Donovan because his wife is right here."

Tana shoots back, "Well, I’m his wife, too, so what do you mean."

The women look confused as they had just been celebrating Thanksgiving a minute ago.

Tana reiterates that the toddler girl with her is Donovan’s daughter, Maya.

At this time, a third woman from inside the home approaches the door asking, "You’re his wife?" which she confirms once more.

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The woman replies, 'No, sweetie. I’m his wife.'

Tana then shares that she has been married to Donovan for 25 years and is shocked when the woman claims to have wed the same man 10 years ago.

The woman introduces her 9-year-old daughter that she had with Donovan to Tana.

Tana then appears to try to introduce her child to her newly discovered older sister, and the woman exclaims, "Well, she’s not his… she’s pretty but she’s not his," in denial about Tana's daughter.

The situation begins to escalate, and the woman tells Tana, "Sweetie, I don’t have nothing to do with none of that."

"You’re a Black woman… and we’re all Black women," seemingly suggesting they stick together.

She then confirms that Donovan is in the home because "we are together and that is my husband."

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Tana calls Donovan’s name after spotting him through the open door.

She tells him to come outside as the women in the home stare at one another in confusion.

Donovan stays out of sight, choosing to hide from his first wife behind the door.

The women try to appease Tana, but she doesn't relent.

Tana ignores her and tries to force her way into the home, telling the unseen man to get his baby.

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As her emotions escalate, she pushes Maya into the home to go get Donovan.

When the women try to stop her, she says, "Don’t touch my kid."

She continues to attempt to send the little girl in the direction of her father, shouting, "Her daddy is right up in there. Donovan, come get your daughter."

The confused women try and stop the child from walking through the home, but she eventually makes her way into a hallway to find her father.

Then in a shocking turn of events, Tana says, "She’s going back there to get her daddy. I’ll be back."

The women beg her to get her child, but she tells them, "Y’all got her, y’all got her," before closing the door and walking away.

The women give chase, unable to believe the mother is willing to leave her child there, but Tana assures them, "Y’all got her. She’s in there with her daddy. He won’t let anything happen to her."

The other women threaten to call child protective services on her.

The video ends with Tana threatening that her clique will be on the way to the home if they call and report her before walking away.

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Users on TikTok gave their reactions to the shocking video.

Several people questioned how the wife of ten years was so calm.

One person stated, "Why is the wife of 10 years not horrified and calling that guy out? She knew."

They thought it was possibly a prank because it was hard to believe any wife would be so patient and protective of a disloyal husband.

Another viewer admonished the actions of Tana, posting, "I would never leave my child like that, no matter the situation because that’s between the adults."

But mostly people are wondering why the women are arguing amongst themselves instead of demanding answers from the "man" who put them in this position.

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NyRee Ausler is a writer from Seattle, Washington, and author of seven books. She covers lifestyle and entertainment and news, as well as navigating the workplace and social issues.

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