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The royal family has put up its Christmas trees and they're as regal as you'd hope

INSIDER logoINSIDER 12/5/2018 Rachel Hosie
a person standing in a room © AP
  • Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle have both been decorated for Christmas.
  • Towering trees dripping with lights, baubles, and ornaments are the focal points.
  • There are even special royal decorations, such as mini velvet crowns and embroidered state carriages.

While some of us go for kitsch and others prefer classy, the royal family will only ever choose one style of Christmas decoration: classic.

And this year is no exception - the Buckingham Palace Christmas decorations for 2018 have been revealed.

The traditional decor was shared in a video posted by the royal family on social media. 

Every Christmas, three trees are placed in the Marble Hall, as well as a garland dripping in colourful baubles along the grand staircase.

The 15 foot tall trees are grown in Windsor and delivered to Buckingham Palace at the start of December.

Naturally, they're as resplendent as you'd hope, towering tall and decked out with hundreds of twinkly lights and regal decorations including mini velvet crowns and embroidered state carriages. 

While the trees aren't erected by the royal family themselves, tradition dictates that they will add the final decorations.

Needless to say, many people expressed their love of the trees and decorations on social media, describing them as "fantastic," "spectacular," and "beautiful."

The Buckingham Palace trees come a week after Windsor Castle was decorated.

a close up of a church © AP

The trees are just as grand, and feature the same regal touches.

a christmas tree © AP

As beautiful as Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace look, the royal family will actually spend Christmas where they always do - at the Queen's residence in Sandringham.



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