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Find an Awesome Valentine's Day Gift for Every Budget

DealNews logo DealNews 2/1/2017 Julie Ramhold

Valentine's Day gift © Antonio_Diaz Valentine's Day gift

Shopping for Valentine's Day can be a real challenge. Just because your significant other would appreciate a simple box of chocolates and a heart-holding teddy bear doesn't mean that's what you want to give them. Maybe you want to stand out, or you want to give them something that means more... or perhaps your budget is small.

Whatever your reasons might be, we've rounded up a few suggestions for every price point (including some DIY options!) so you can give something a little more original and heartfelt this Valentine's Day.

© OJO Images/Rex Shutterstock If You Prefer to DIY

Gift: A DIY Year of Dates

Best for: Creative types who love planning a night out

Cost: Varies

Why it's a great option: This is an excellent way to set aside time for yourselves every single month. Plus, creating your own date nights in advance gives you the chance to think outside the box, and allows you to tailor these special nights to your valentine's personal tastes.

Instead of falling back on your go-to take-out and watching a movie you've seen a hundred times before, you can do something like putting together a picnic basket of both of your favorite treats to share in the park.

Gift: DIY Love Potion Kit

Best for: Anyone who appreciates an adorable gift

Cost: Varies based on ingredients

Why it's a great option: Rather than looking up one of the many recipes online, take this opportunity to create your own love potion for your sweetheart. Mix pomegranate juice or pink lemonade for a flirty pink drink, or opt for their favorite cocktail ingredients (it can be alcoholic or not). Package the ingredients together into a festive box or basket, include a couple of glasses or mason jars, and get ready to share the treat for Valentine's Day.

© Rocksbox Jewelry If Your Budget is $25 or Less

Gift: Rocksbox Subscription

Best for: Jewelry lovers who love to try new pieces

Cost: $19/month

Why it's a great option: For $19 per month, your giftee will receive three pieces to wear on loan. They can swap them at anytime for another three pieces to try, but if they really love one of the accessories, they can purchase it at a discounted price.

Just a Note: Since you have to create a style profile, skip the regular sign up. Rocksbox makes gifting a membership super easy, and offers 3, 6, and 12 month memberships, plus additional gift cards for your recipients to use for their purchases.

Gift: Customized Chocolate

Best for: Chocolate lovers

Cost: From $15 for the Valentine's Day Collection

Why it's a great option: Send a sweet message — literally! Noteworthy Chocolates allows you to compose a heartfelt message, and then laser-engrave it on Fair Trade Certified chocolates. You can choose different sizes and complex designs to help display your deepest desires on milk, white, dark, or golden dark chocolate. This definitely beats those generic heart-shaped boxes of chocolates you'll find at your local grocery store.

Valentine's Day gift © Antonio_Diaz Valentine's Day gift If Your Budget is $26 to $50

Gift: Paint Nite painting class

Best for: Couples who enjoy trying new things together

Cost: From $45 depending on the area

Why it's a great option: It's low-key and relatively inexpensive, and it can serve as a bonding experience if it's your first time. If you can snag tickets to an event at a bar, you'll be able to imbibe in wine or cocktails while you paint; and at the end of the night, you both have a lovely piece to take home and display.

Gift: Foodie and Cocktail dice

Best for: Adventurous types who want to try new tastes

Cost: $38 for each set

Why it's a great option: These dice make it easy to shake things up and try something new. Each set comes in its own tumbler made from reclaimed wine bottles. Opt for the Foodie set if your giftee loves to cook, and the Mixology set if they want to learn how to make the perfect cocktail.

Gift: Sweetheart Collection Truffles

Best for: Anyone who remembers those candy hearts fondly

Cost: $39

Why it's a great option: These truffles have all the cuteness of the chalky conversation hearts from your youth, but with much better flavors. Think things like Bourbon Pecan, Caramel Macchiato, Black Currant Caramel and Fleur de Sel, and more. There's six unique flavors in all, and twelve pieces. So if your Valentine is feeling generous, you can share each flavor.

© Dean and Deluca If Your Budget is $51 to $100

Gift: Morse Code Jewelry

Best for: Anyone who isn't into public displays of affection

Cost: From $50

Why it's a great option: It's a fashionable piece that your sweetheart will appreciate. Create a custom message and the artist will turn that into a series of dots and dashes with different kinds of beads, or stamp the pattern into metal. It'll be just like a secret only the two of you know... unless your SO happens to be around others who recognize Morse Code every day.

Just a Note: There are a ton of sellers who do this kind of thing, at many price points. The more expensive ones tend to look higher quality, so if you can afford it, it's worth it to spring for one of these. If you're interested in this as a gift, start shopping ASAP to ensure custom pieces will be ready for Valentine's Day. If it won't, be prepared with a second gift as a backup.

Gift: Aphrodisiac Truffle Collection

Best for: Foodie romantics

Cost: $65

Why it's a great option: Yes it's another chocolate pick, but chocolates are pretty synonymous with Valentine's Day. These truffles go beyond your everyday candy, and are an ideal way to set the mood for a romantic evening, instead of just being a bland sugar rush. This set contains 16 pieces covered with direct-trade dark chocolate and includes fillings made with different kinds of fruits, liqueurs, and spices.

Gift: Color-Customized Xbox controller

Best for: Serious Xbox gamers

Cost: $79.99

Why it's a great option: If your sweetheart has an Xbox they play regularly, creating a color-customized controller is a great way to remind them of you while they're gaming. It's also a nice way of showing your support for a hobby that doesn't always get a lot of love. Make it special by choosing their favorite everyday colors, or their most-loved sports team colors. You could even opt to customize it with your wedding color scheme for an extra romantic touch.

Gift: Love poems set

Best for: Literary lovers

Cost: $85

Why it's a great option: Fans of classic love poems will enjoy having this set, since it covers not just poetic works but also letters from the likes of John Donne, Christina Rossetti, W.H. Auden, E.E. Cummings, Shakespeare, Yeats, and many more. Score some bonus points when you pick out your favorite piece and read it to your SO before gifting them the set.

© Uncommon Goods If Your Budget is $101 to $200

Gift: Touch Lamp

Best for: Long distance lovers

Cost: $150.00 for two lamps

Why it's a great option: Text messages and phone calls are sweet, but you don't always have time to make them. With these lamps, you can set them up via WiFi, and whenever one of you reaches out to touch one of them, the other one will light up, no matter how far apart you are.

Plus, buying these lamps means supporting a good cause. They're assembled by hand and tested by members of the Wichita Women's Initiative Network which is a nonprofit in Kansas that provides survivors of abuse with educational and employment opportunities.

Gift: Lé Petite Eternity Arrangement

Best for: Valentine's Day traditionalists

Cost: $139

Why it's a great option: Gift your sweetheart roses with a twist for Valentine's Day. This arrangement might seem pricey for four roses in a box, but these buds are purported to stay fresh for an entire year. Venus et Fleur uses their Eternity Roses, which come in 16 different colors, so you can go beyond the standard Valentine's Day red. Add a loving message for the greeting card, and your Valentine will think of you fondly all year long.

Gift: Hero Within or Film Jackets

Best for: Your knight-in-shining-armor

Cost: From $119

Why it's a great option: Hero Within and Film Jackets both provide looks that are excellent choices for fans who love to support their heroes. Some pieces are straight replicas of what you'll see in the movies, while others are sophisticated pieces that feature hero emblems. Either way, your hero is sure to love them.

Gift: A Valentine's Day Cooking Class

Best for: Couples who know how to work together in the kitchen

Cost: From $79

Why it's a great option: These classes allow couples a chance to learn how to make something new and tasty in a controlled environment. Which means there's less of a chance of your dishes not turning out quite how you expected, and more of a chance of having fun together instead of risking frustration. And since these classes very often involve working in groups of four, there's always a chance you and your honey could walk away with new couple friends to hang out with.

© Flower Muse If Money Is No Object

Gift: A Dream Vacation

Best for: Wannabe jetsetter

Cost: Varies

Why it's a great option: No matter where they've wanted to go, whether it be Paris, Rome, or another far-off locale, taking the time to plan a trip for them will not only show how much you care, but it'll also provide an experience that's unforgettable. Spring for a LoveLock if there's a place within your destination to leave it, for a kind of cheesy, but still romantic touch.

Gift: Fresh flowers, every month

Best for: Seasonal flower lovers

Cost: $719.99 for 12 months

Why it's a great option: Gift your Valentine with fresh flowers every month for a year. Flower Muse will reportedly choose their best picks every season, and send one type each time. Your giftee can expect more than just roses, including mini calla lilies, tulips, ranunculus, special Dutch varieties, and more.

Just a Note: These arrangements won't include vases, so go ahead and gift a container that will look good with any flower type all year-long.

Gift: Alcohol of the month clubs

Best for: Spirited lovers

Cost: Varies based on type of alcohol

Why it's a great option: It allows them to try new varieties of their favorite spirits, wine, or craft beer. Spirited Gifts has a club for practically everything — gin, bourbon, rum, vodka, scotch, you name it. Plonk and Uncorked are both solid ways to try new wines. Fat Cork will expand their champagne horizons. Beer clubs can be found in microbrew and craft beer varieties (and yes, there's a difference).

Just a Note: Before you bother placing an order, check the club thoroughly to ensure they can ship to your lover's locations, and if there are any stipulations for doing so. Some states might require that the shipment be sent to the state liquor store, and picked up from there.


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