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It’s Never Too Soon To Start Hoarding the Best Halloween Candy — Here Are The 30 Best Options for 2021

SPY logo SPY 8/25/2021 Sarah Morlock
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Table of Contents

  • How much do you need?
  • Which type of candy is best suited to your task?
  • Best Halloween Candy Solo Packs

As Halloween is fast approaching, it’s time to pick out your costume, carve your pumpkins, decorate the house and, perhaps most importantly, make sure you’re stocked up and ready to take on the army of trick or treaters who will descend on your front door. Aside from the fear of incurring the wrath of tricksters unsatisfied with your offerings, giving out good snacks is one way to ensure everyone has a great October 31st.

Unlike last year, Halloween is in full swing for 2021. So, it’s safe to say you’re going to need to stock up on at least a couple of bags to help the neighborhood kids get their sweet tooth on.

When purchasing Halloween candy, there are two important questions to ask yourself: 

How much do you need?

The first factor depends on several variables, including the number of kids in your neighborhood, how decorated your neighborhood is, how good the weather will be and what state or town-wide rules will be implemented (due to the ongoing pandemic) on the evening of trick or treat. 

Our rule of thumb is to estimate the number of kids in your neighborhood and multiply that figure by two. Then divide that by the number of pieces in the bags of candy you’re going to buy. The result should give you the number of bags you need to buy.

Which type of candy is best suited to your task?

The second factor is more about personal taste. After all, you’ll hopefully have some candy leftover, so you should definitely buy something you or your family will enjoy in the early days of November.

But, if you have a neighborhood with a lot of kids, you may want to mix a few cheaper bags of candy in with the pricier chocolate bars.

With those factors in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best Halloween candy you can order from Amazon. Many of these options offer Prime shipping options, so buying last minute isn’t a problem. Plus, Amazon usually has some great deals on bulk candies. Take a look through our list to see what our editors will be sinking their teeth into this spooky season, and pick out the bag (or three) that looks best to you.


1. Mars Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix

While we do love our candy singularly, some of the best ways to stock up on the good stuff for trick-or-treaters is to buy a massive variety mix to hand out. With its mix of classic candy bars — 3 Musketeers, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way and M&M’s — this Mars Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix is a real winner this spooky season. Each fun-sized bar or bag is ideal for sharing with guests and trick-or-treaters on Halloween night or for keeping as a tasty snack every time you get a chocolate craving. The bag contains 250 individually wrapped pieces and features a cartoon vampire on the outside, making it a suitable vessel for doling out your candy if you don’t want to transfer it to a dish or another container.

logo, company name: best halloween candy mars halloween © Provided by SPY best halloween candy mars halloween

Buy: Mars Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix $43.00


2. Skittles and Starburst Variety Mix

Throw two of the best two fruity candies into one variety pack and you’ll get this delicious Skittles and Starburst mix. Don’t worry, you’re allowed to gasp. Each compact pack includes fruity candies from a selection of flavors, including strawberry, cherry, orange, lemon and several other fruits. Speaking of flavors, we have some controversy from the SPY team. Copy editor James Schiff claims his two favorite Starburst flavors are, wait for it, the yellow and orange ones. Excuse us while we cringe. But, to justify his choice, James reminds us that, “I, therefore, dislike pink and red, meaning I’m always willing to share my Starburst. Thus creating, arguably, the most perfect symbiotic relationship for eating candy. Ever.”

best halloween candy skittles starburst © Provided by SPY best halloween candy skittles starburst

Buy: Skittles & Starburst Variety Mix $8.98


3. Reese’s, Hershey’s and Kit Kat Assorted Bag

Anything including Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is a surefire hit for kids on the block. This bag holds 265 pieces of some of our favorite chocolates from our childhood. You already know the deal, put half in the bowl for Halloween when it’s time for trick-or-treaters and save the other half for you. Plus, given their small sizes, you won’t have to feel bad about that diet you’re on.

Reese's, Hershey's and Kit Kat Assorted Bag © Provided by SPY Reese's, Hershey's and Kit Kat Assorted Bag

Buy: Reese's, Hershey's and Kit Kat Assorted Bag $25.95


4. Ferrara Candy Company Candy Variety Bag

Got that Laffy Taffy? Well with this variety bag, yeah you do. This 80oz bag holds 290 different candies including Laffy Taffy, Gobstoppers, Nerds and Sweet Tarts. This is a great selection for all of the peanut-free kids on the block given that sweet candies of this nature rarely ever contain nuts. Plus, what kid doesn’t love that overwhelming, mouth-watering sense of sweetness?

Ferrara Candy Company Candy Variety Bag © Provided by SPY Ferrara Candy Company Candy Variety Bag

Buy: Ferrara Candy Company Candy Variety Bag $17.10


5. Tootsie Roll Child’s Play Favorites

All those candies from your childhood? Yeah. They’re here. This variety pack contains old-school must-haves like Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, Dots, Tootsie Fruit Chews and Tootsie Snack Bars. So, yeah, you can call this bag a quick favorite. The entire bag is peanut-free, gluten-free and Kosher for all of the kids on your block.

a can of soda: Tootsie Roll Child's Play Favorites © Provided by SPY Tootsie Roll Child's Play Favorites

Buy: Tootsie Roll Child's Play Favorites $16.90


Best Halloween Candy Solo Packs

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

There seems to be a definitive general consensus on the SPY team as it turns out, none of us have a peanut allergy. Thank God. If you’re as blessed as we are, there’s no doubt you know that a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is the king of all Halloween treats. Every other candy bar in the candy bowl bows down to these chocolatey, peanuty treats, because they’re exceptionally delicious. There is something about covering that salty yet sweet peanut butter with a heavenly milk chocolate shell that really gets us going. And don’t even get us started about how these taste after a few hours in the fridge. Absolutely game-changing.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups © Provided by SPY Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Buy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups $37.95


7. Ring Pops

Wearable candy really hits our nostalgia differently. Our managing editor Tim Werth said himself, “I feel like I’ve aged out of Ring Pops, but there was something so satisfying about them back in the day”. The rest of us agree, Tim, but we’re never too old for some delicious finger bling. The box contains individually wrapped candies that you can wear right on your finger. They’re great for the spooky season because they’re multipurpose for kids both eat and play with. This pack comes in a slew of mouthwatering flavors. 

a close up of a sign: Ring Pops © Provided by SPY Ring Pops

Buy: Ring Pops $12.56


8. Twix Bars

For those who can’t get enough of caramel and cookies, we’re going to take a wild guess and say Twix is your vice. It definitely is for our SEO specialist Vita Savenko, who really can’t get enough of them and their “deliciously small-packed portions that are perfect for a quick treat”. This pack from Amazon is filled with mini Twix bars to satisfy your, uh, we mean, the neighborhood kids’ cravings. At least that’s what you can keep telling yourself. Try your hardest not to buy a second bag to hide between the couch cushions for when the rest of the house is asleep.

Twix Bars © Provided by SPY Twix Bars

Buy: Twix Bars $18.99


9. Nerds

While our assistant editor Taylor Galla specifically said she will avoid Nerds “’til the day she dies”, the rest of us used to love these little crunchy pebble packs in our trick-or-treat bags. No flavor hits harder than grape strawberry, so this Halloween, hand out these tangy mixed packs at your front door to watch the neighborhood kids’ faces light up with joy. We do have to admit, these don’t taste as great as they did when we were kids, so you might want to give these all away at your doorstep. They’re just a biiiiit too sweet for our adult tastebuds, but they’re mega nostalgic, nonetheless.

a close up of a box: Nerds © Provided by SPY Nerds

Buy: Nerds $14.99


10. Kit Kats

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! Even if you don’t like Kit Kats, you still like Kit Kats. It’s just how it works and nobody knows why. These snappy, crunchy treats are perfect for filling Halloween bowls this year, because who doesn’t love the delicious simplicity of crisp wafers covered in milk chocolate? Make sure you grab an extra pack for you and your family. You’re going to need it. Believe that.

logo, company name: Kit Kats © Provided by SPY Kit Kats

Buy: Kit Kats $36.50


11. Pop Rocks

If you want a candy that old and young will both enjoy equally, Pop Rocks 100% fit the bill. Inside the pack, you’ll find 18 individually wrapped 0.33-ounce packs of everyone’s favorite “popping” candy. Pretty much every kid on the planet would be stoked to find Pop Rocks in their candy bag, a rare but always appreciated treat. Each of these Pop Rocks assortments comes with nine memorable flavors to choose from, including tropical punch, watermelon, blue raspberry and cotton candy. Furthermore, these treats are gluten, peanut, fat and tree nut-free, making them a popular option for lots of dietary restrictions. Who knew such a retro pick would stand by our 2021 needs?

calendar: Pop Rocks © Provided by SPY Pop Rocks

Buy: Pop Rocks Candy Ultimate Assortment Bulk $18.17


12. 3 Musketeers

Be that house in the neighborhood you loved so dearly as a kid. You know the one. It’s the house that gives out full-sized candy bars. You can’t go wrong with 3 Musketeers because any kid who doesn’t love a fluffy chocolate milk chocolate encrusted treat is simply wrong. If they don’t want any, hey, more for you. It’s a win-win.

text: 3 Muskateers © Provided by SPY 3 Muskateers

Buy: 3 Musketeers $37.19


13. Pixy Stix

There’s something magical about eating flavored sugar from a tube. The way you have to tilt it just right to avoid getting a block on the end. The way you can put a whole pile of the candy on your tongue and swish it around your mouth. As a kid, there’s really no better way to enjoy a straight shot of sugar. That’s why Pixy Stix are some of the most popular “dime store” candies still available. This box contains 85 fun straws in four wild flavors for you to give away to the best-costumed kids this Halloween.

company name: best halloween candy pixy stix © Provided by SPY best halloween candy pixy stix

Buy: Pixy Stix Candy Filled Fun Straws $24.98


14. Snickers

The combination of milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat can only mean one thing. That’s right baby, we’re talking about Snickers. For those of you Snickers haters out there, our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber has just one thing to say, “if you don’t like Snickers, you’re wrong. I don’t make the rules”. Low key? He’s right. We’ll go as far as to say that Snickers are potentially the best candy bar of all time. They taste even better when they’re packed into bite-sized quantities and handed out for free on Halloween. Just thinking about them is having us considering going trick or treating ourselves this year.

Snickers © Provided by SPY Snickers

Buy: Snickers $17.99


15. M&Ms

You can’t go wrong with a bag of M&Ms, even if they aren’t the most sought-after candy from kids. They’re still a delicious and iconic treat that nobody can resist. From memorable Christmas commercials to modern internet memes, M&Ms have shown their pertinence in culture for, like, ever, instilling the fact that these tasty bite-sized chocolates are going absolutely nowhere.

M&Ms © Provided by SPY M&Ms

Buy: M&Ms $22.95


16. Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers are such an easy way to fill a bowl this Halloween. This variety pack of the classics, otherwise known as blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry, grade and green apple, are individually wrapped and will fill up your bowl in no time. Grab yourself a couple of bags of these and go full throttle when serving these suckers. Might as well!

Jolly Ranchers © Provided by SPY Jolly Ranchers

Buy: Jolly Ranchers $4.59


17. Dots

Bet you weren’t expecting to see these on the list. We weren’t either until our assistant editor Taylor Galla surprised the hell out of us by saying they are her favorite candy of all time. Like, in what world? While we do admit they’re good, Taylor goes the extra mile by saying “Any and all of their flavors are solid, and the act of chewing their artificially sticky, chewy texture is what the candy part of Halloween is all about IMO.”

Dots © Provided by SPY Dots

Buy: Dots $22.99


18. Milk Duds

“I can almost feel these sticking to my teeth just by looking at them”, says our e-commerce editor, Tyler Schoeber. “Milk Dudes were like, the epitome of my childhood. I would search high and low for them on Halloween and trade with my friends who were lucky enough to get a box when I didn’t”, he continues. Why we aren’t all fans of these sticky, caramel-y sweets, Tyler seems to be a huge fan, so other kids must be too. Grab a ton this year and see if kids get excited upon grabbing!

a close up of food: Milk Duds © Provided by SPY Milk Duds

Buy: Milk Duds $11.99


19. Sour Patch Kids

A little sour never hurt anybody. Okay, well, maybe it hurt some of those kids from the Sour Patch commercials, but we’re going to pretend they don’t count. If you need a little sour before your sweetness, look no further than adding Sour Patch Kids to your candy bowl this year in hopes the neighborhood kids won’t take ’em all. We know damn well our tech editor Adrian Covert is planning on that, telling us “fruit snacks are great. Super sour things are great. Therefore, Sour Patch Kids are doubly great. End of story.”

MORE: These Are the Best Sour Candies Out There

a close up of a box: Sour Patch Kids © Provided by SPY Sour Patch Kids

Buy: Sour Patch Kids $16.36


20. YumEarth Organic Lollipops Bin

Speaking of 2021 needs, this YumEarth Organic lollipop bin comes full of 125 candy treats which are great for health-conscious Halloween visitors. The lollipops are free from all kinds of allergens, including egg, peanuts, dairy and gluten. They’re organic, too, making them a top-notch option to hand out to little witches and werewolves alike. The pack includes a variety of delicious flavors, such as strawberry smash, wet-face watermelon and perfectly peach. The vegan-friendly treats are also free from artificial flavors and colors.

text: best halloween candy YumEarth Organic Lollipops Bin © Provided by SPY best halloween candy YumEarth Organic Lollipops Bin

Buy: YumEarth Organic Lollipops Bin $23.48


21.  Tootsie Rolls

Whether you love or hate ’em, you can’t deny that Tootise Rolls are some of the most classic Halloween candies to exist. They’re very grandma if we’re going to be real, but they have a nostalgic taste that has stuck in your brain the same way your ABCs did as a kid. For real, do you ever find yourself in your adult life tasting a food and thinking, “this kind of tastes like Tootsie Rolls”? No? Just us? Regardless, you need to sprinkle a few of these in your bowl this year.

Tootsie Rolls © Provided by SPY Tootsie Rolls

Buy: Tootsie Rolls $15.36


22. Swedish Fish

Do you know why Swedish Fish are “Swedish”? These chewy candies were developed by Swedish candy maker Malaco back in the 1950s for the US market. They were made into the shape of a fish because the Swedish fishing industry was huge at the time. And, as we now know, the candies were a huge success, entrenching themselves in the culture of those decades and in the throwback culture of today. Try putting some of these Swedish Fish Mini Soft & Chewy Candy into your candy bowl this Halloween to give it a more European feel.

diagram, company name: best halloween candy swedish fish © Provided by SPY best halloween candy swedish fish

Buy: Swedish Fish Mini Soft & Chewy Candy $25.30


23. Dulces Vero Fresa Con Chile Mexican Hard Candy Chili Pops

Give the kids a candy they’ll remember. These spicy, mango-flavored candies are a hit in Mexico because of their uniquely traditional taste. While American kids might be a tad confused upon licking, there’s a solid chance they’ll enjoy ’em!

a close up of a piece of paper: Dulces Vero Fresa Con Chile Mexican Hard Candy Chili Pops © Provided by SPY Dulces Vero Fresa Con Chile Mexican Hard Candy Chili Pops

Buy: Dulces Vero Fresa Con Chile Mexican Hard Candy Chili Pops $8.95


24. Candy Canes

Christmas has come early! Bring a bit of joy to the spooky holiday this year and give our candy canes this Halloween. Better yet, dress the family appropriately when handing candy out, too. You can go as Mr. Claus himself, the wife can be Mrs. Claus, the kids can be elves and the dogs can be reindeer. People might think you’ve got the wrong holiday, but it will be a totally memorable way to get some laughs.

an empty plastic bottle: Brach's Mini Candy Canes Tub © Provided by SPY Brach's Mini Candy Canes Tub

Buy: Brach's Mini Candy Canes Tub $15.49


25. Charleston Chew


While young trick or treaters may simply enjoy the Chewy, vanilla-flavored nougat wrapped in a rich, chocolaty coating, older visitors are sure to enjoy the blast-from-the-past that is a Charleston Chew Bar. This Charleston Chew Bar Pack includes 120 individually wrapped bars, which can be given out on October 31st, snacked on throughout the night or kept as treats for your kids. You can also freeze the bars for a different yet equally delicious way to eat them.

a close up of a paper bag: best halloween candy charleston chews © Provided by SPY best halloween candy charleston chews

Buy: Charleston Chew Bar Pack $17.49


26. Tony’s Chocolonely Halloween Milk Chocolate Bag

Delicious chocolate candies are sure to go down well with all of your trick-or-treating visitors on October 31st. The bite-sized treats inside this Tony’s Chocolonely Halloween Milk Chocolate Bag are made in Belgium and come in ready-to-go individual wrappers. The fair-trade chocolate is also available in three different flavors, milk, dark and caramel sea salt, meaning there’s an option to please every chocolate palate. Furthermore, these chocolate candies come in a handy dispensing box for easy distribution.

a close up of a piece of paper: best halloween candy tiny tonys 100 © Provided by SPY best halloween candy tiny tonys 100

Buy: Tony's Chocolonely Halloween Milk Chocolate Bag $43.88


27. KIND Bars

On a health kick? Influence the neighborhood children by convincing and pretending that KIND Bars are the best Halloween candy they’ll get this year. Sure, kids love KIND Bars, but they’re going to need a bit of convincing when they notice a KIND Bar in their bag instead of a full-on chocolate bar. This 12-pack is packed with bars filled with mixed nuts, sea salt and chocolate for that perfect sweet and savory combination.

graphical user interface: KIND Bars © Provided by SPY KIND Bars

Buy: KIND Bars $12.68


28. Halloween-Themed Lollipops

The neighborhood kids’ bags are all going to be filled with Snickers, M&Ms, Starbursts and more regular candies you can get delivered straight from Amazon. But, maybe it’s best you spice it up a little and give something a little more unusual. There’s a solid chance most homes aren’t going to give out adorable Halloween-themed lollipops like the ones pictured below. Now’s your chance to get a little creative!

Halloween-Themed Lollipops © Provided by SPY Halloween-Themed Lollipops

Buy: Halloween-Themed Lollipops $8.99


29. Airheads

Airheads a great choice for busy households on Halloween night. Sweet or sour flavors in the box include blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry and more. Each candy is also individually wrapped, free from the “Big 8” allergens and the ideal size for snacking and sharing. In addition, if you have any candies left over from the night, these Airheads make a great sugary treat at the office or in lunch boxes.

text: Airheads Candy Bars © Provided by SPY Airheads Candy Bars

Buy: Airheads Candy Bars $9.68


30. Hershey Kisses

Give out some Kisses this Halloween! No, not those kinds of kisses, you weirdo. We’re talking about Hershey Kisses. These sweet treats are a classic Christmas staple making their way into Halloween bowls everywhere because of how easy they are to give out. Place a handful or two right into kids’ bags and they’ll be sure to have a smile on their face.

Hershey Kisses © Provided by SPY Hershey Kisses

Buy: Hershey Kisses $32.95


Also Consider: Tic Tacs

Not everyone’s first thought when it comes to the best Halloween candy to give the neighborhood kids, but surprisingly one of the greatest. And, no, we’re not talking minty Tic Tacs. These fun, colorful, flavorful Tic Tacs are just what kids love to get on Halloween. Colors come in orange, green, yellow, pink and red. Make that trick-or-treat bag a little more colorful!

diagram: Tic Tacs © Provided by SPY Tic Tacs

Buy: Tic Tacs $9.69


Also Consider: Nabisco Sweet Treats Cookie Variety Pack

If your ideal Halloween treat is something more like a cookie than a candy, you’re weird, but it’s fine. We won’t judge you yet. Take on your sweet tooth with this 30-piece pack is made up of three different cookie types: Oreo Original, Oreo Golden and Chips Ahoy!, in equal measure. Each individually wrapped pack contains two full-size, kosher cookies making them a snack to keep around the home as well as a top Halloween handout. These versatile packs are easily stored and can be used for pack lunches, picnics or a quick and easy treat at home.

text, calendar: Nabisco Sweet Treats Cookie Variety Pack © Provided by SPY Nabisco Sweet Treats Cookie Variety Pack

Buy: Nabisco Sweet Treats Cookie Variety Pack $14.51


Also Consider: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

At this point, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have gained a sort of cult-like status through snackers far and wide. Although they’re literally the exact opposite of sweet, why not throw a couple of bags into the neighborhood kids’ trick-or-treat bags? It will be quite a surprise but a good surprise nonetheless.

a close up of a box: Flamin' Hot Cheetos © Provided by SPY Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Buy: Flamin' Hot Cheetos $17.98


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