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Note Take in Style With These Handsome Leather Notebooks

SPY logo SPY 10/31/2020 Tyler Schoeber
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Classtime and work meetings are looking a little different for the most part nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we’re ditching our everyday style. From dressing to the 9s and applying cologne each morning simply to just walk over to our work-from-home desks to notetaking each important part of our meetings or lectures in handsome leather notebooks, we don’t need to be seen to stay stylish. It’s just a matter of feeling good for ourselves, is all.

With that being said, we are loving leather notebooks right now for the reason being, well, that they’re dapper as all hell. Life is weird right now, so anything that can help us feel even the slightest bit better we’re taking advantage of. Taking notes in a leather notebook doesn’t necessarily feel like much, but you’d be surprised. The simplicity of switching from the average 50 cent spiral notebook you’ve been rebuying since grade school to something of a more masculine, adult-like caliber is a feeling we can’t explain. There’s just something about using a leather notebook that makes us feel like we have our lives together, even when we don’t.

Because there are so few ways to both minimally and effectively up your aesthetic in 2020, purchasing a leather notebook will give you that confidence boost you really didn’t know you needed. From quickly writing down ideas for Zoom meetings to doodling on the subway to writing poems in the park, here are the most dapper-looking leather notebooks for all your quarantine activities.


1. Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook


Look as handsome as it gets with this vintage-inspired leather journal notebook ready for just about anything you put it through. Aesthetically speaking, this notebook looks like it was stolen directly from an antique shop and is filled with diary entries from the 1800s, but we promise it’s brand new. The leather is really soft to the touch and it’s super easy to take care of because all light scratches will easily wipe off.

Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook © Provided by SPY Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook

Buy: Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook $19.99


2. RETTACY Dotted Bullet Grid Journal


Two for the price of one is a deal we can always get behind. These two high-quality PU-leather notebooks are a dotted option great for artists and doodlers. Unlike the choice prior, these are hardcover and aren’t as flimsy as any regular notebook you’re used to. Each comes with a pen loop and stretchy elastic closure to keep all interior contents safe.

RETTACY Dotted Bullet Grid Journal © Provided by SPY RETTACY Dotted Bullet Grid Journal

Buy: RETTACY Dotted Bullet Grid Journal $14.99


3. Papier Pressed Flowers Notebook


Looking for a bouquet you don’t have to water? Well, here’s one, sorta. This pressed flower leather notebook is a uniquely timeless hardcover notebook that’s pretty eyecatching, to say the least. Made from upcycled leather, this option isn’t as detrimental to the environment as you may think. Available in various colors and numerous foil flower shines, this is a great way for taking notes and jotting ideas no matter the situation.

a close up of a logo: Papier Pressed Flowers Notebook © Provided by SPY Papier Pressed Flowers Notebook


4. Beechmore Ruled Notebook


You’ll notice a difference in this notebook from any you’ve ever own previously with just a few page flips. That’s because this leather notebook contains super thick paper that’s completely resistant to any ink bleeding that you’ve experienced with notebooks in the past. This hardcover beauty is also made from vegan leather that’s built to last a lifetime and rigorously bound to never fall apart. Though it’s available in a number of good-looking colors, we think you can never go wrong with this classic brown.

a close up of a device: Beechmore Ruled Notebook © Provided by SPY Beechmore Ruled Notebook

Buy: Beechmore Ruled Notebook $18.95


5. Papier Le Moderne Notebook


Okay, it’s true that all leather notebooks are handsome, but we’re really swooning over the Le Moderne leather notebook from Papier. This upcycled leather beauty has that true timeless look you’d expect from a dictionary or thesaurus. There are 96 pages in this bad boy so we definitely suggest using these for a journal rather than a notebook, but hey, it’s your choice. You can even have your initials engraved right on the front cover. How cool is that?

Papier Le Moderne Notebook © Provided by SPY Papier Le Moderne Notebook


6. Perfectly Penned Lined Notebook


Though this is our second vegan leather option on the list, we have a bit of a soft spot for this all-black vegan leather notebook option from Perfectly Penned. Whether you’re taking notes or letting your creativity take over in the form of writing, this is a great notebook for filling up no matter what it is you’re putting on paper. Unlike lots of leather notebooks, this one has a full 180-degree opening spine to lay perfectly flat for easier writing. It’s crafted to stand against the test of time and even has class-A acid-free pages to keep on the environmentally-friendly approach.

a close up of a speaker: Perfectly Penned Lined Notebook © Provided by SPY Perfectly Penned Lined Notebook

Buy: Perfectly Penned Lined Notebook $15.97


7. ai-natebok Travel Journal Notebook


A refillable notebook that’s priced at under $10? Uh, yeah, please. This handsome vintage-inspired travel notebook is made from PU-leather to create an antique-looking, soft facade that will never go out of style. There are three card slots on the inside for easy ID and credit card holding when taking notes on the go and as mentioned, has the option to completely refill with new paper when the contents are all filled up. You’ll never have to buy a new journal again!

a close up of a box: ai-natebok Travel Journal Notebook © Provided by SPY ai-natebok Travel Journal Notebook

Buy: ai-natebok Travel Journal Notebook $9.49


8. Rustic Town Leather Journal


Maybe your leather notebook needs to surpass notetaking and doodling. Maybe, instead, you need to track your favorite spells and ingredients to potions. You do you, we don’t judge! If that’s the case, snag yourself a leather journal aesthetically on-point enough for all your mythical desires. This leather notebook comes with a buckle closure and a semi-precious stone stuck in the middle and holds 200 pages of cotton, unlined paper for all your writing needs.

Rustic Town Leather Journal © Provided by SPY Rustic Town Leather Journal

Buy: Rustic Town Leather Journal $19.99


9. Papier Dachshund Notebook


This is our third leather notebook here from Papier, so, it should be clear at this point that we’re huge fans. This leather notebook is an ode to your favorite wiener dog, the Dachshund. Covered in sleeping, standing and sitting wiener boys in gold, silver or rose gold, this is a great way to get dog lovers writing. The leather is completely upcycled which is totally better for the environment. Colors range from greens to apricots.

text: Papier Dachshund Notebook © Provided by SPY Papier Dachshund Notebook


10. Smythson The Mara Collection Panama Notebook


Take your handsome leather notebook to the next level and break the bank while doing so with the gorgeous, handcrafted Panama notebook. Inspired by the Panama Agena that was invented in 1908, this baby takes us back in time to deliver us a striking lightweight feel perfect for guys on the go. To make it even that much more exquisite, this notebook is also silk lined and embossed in crocodile-print calf leather.

Smythson The Mara Collection Panama Notebook © Provided by SPY Smythson The Mara Collection Panama Notebook


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