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SPY Pinseeker Award: BGT Stability Carbon Shaft Firms Up Your Putting Game Like No Other

SPY logo SPY 9/26/2021 John Scott Lewinski
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The SPY Pinseeker Award is a badge of excellence for the finest products and destinations in golf. Our senior golf writer, John Scott Lewinski, tests out the field in play — and we select only the finest golf products to receive this special stamp of approval. 

For this entry, we’ve selected the Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Carbon Putter Shaft – a high-tech, customizable putting tool that looks to make any putter more stable, less flexible and more accurate.

When you venture to any driving range or practice facility, you’ll see scores of hacks banging away at buckets of balls. Some of them have decent swings. A few might even be legitimate players. Still, you’ll find the real golfers on the practice green. They understand the importance of their putters, and they know one of the true novelties of golf is that the skill and requirements of great putting are completely removed from any other activity on the course.

With that in mind, great club designer Barney Adams went into business at Breakthrough Golf Technology to specialize on perfecting putters for all players. By combining the most modern materials and focused use of physics, Adams and company revealed that the putter flexes slightly on each putt — more so on lag putts. While drivers and irons are designed to work with that flexing, putters are not. You need that blade to reman strong, stiff and true down the line.

Enter the BGT Stability Carbon Shaft.

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Buy: BTG Carbon Stability Putter Shaft $179.00


BGT Stability Carbon Shaft’s Best Feature: Custom Appeal

The Stability Shaft Custom can adapt to anyone’s putter. You place your order for the $179 shaft. BGT sends you a box with a prepaid return label. You put your putter in the box and send it off to BGT HQ. They remove the standard shaft of your current putter, regardless of its make or model, and install a new, thin shaft of carefully weighted carbon weave to add more torsional strength with no noticeable change in heft.

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In about one week, you get back a putter that is both familiar, yet significantly improved. BGT uses your original club head and grip, replacing the connecting tissue to the same length, angle and lag as the original — only with the high-tech Stability Shaft.


Why the BGT Stability Carbon Shaft?

Unless you hole out with a pitch or chip, the only club that comes out of your bag on every hole is the putter. I can line up a legion of golf coaches who’ll tell you the quickest way to improve your scores is to “work significantly on your putting.” The BGT Stability Carbon Shaft – and any of the other BGT Stability products in the company’s catalog — remains valuable because it “works significantly on your putter.” While you can improve your technique, feel and speed, BGT makes certain there are no impurities or weaknesses in the tool itself.

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Of course, the big question is, “Does it work?” To some extent, it’s difficult to figure just how much difference the Stability Shaft provides. It’s very much an “anti-tiger rock” question. “This is my magic tiger rock. I know it works because there are no tigers here.” In other words, you don’t know what your results might be without the Stability Shaft given more practice. You’re left to gather the end product with the Shaft equipped. Results also vary with skill level, as a great golfer can putt with a butter knife, while a 36-handicapper couldn’t manage a short game with a solid gold magic wand forged by archangels.

With all that considered, we can say that the BGT Carbon definitely and profoundly improves lag putting. That extra stiffness settles and refines the putter’s arc on a longer stroke. Since amateur golfers tend to aim for center green, creating longer putts with difficult pin placements, the BGT Stability proves its weight in carbon weave.

Buy: BTG Carbon Stability Putter Shaft $179.00

Buy: BGT Stability Tour 2 Polar Putter Shaft $299.99


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