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The 20 Best Affordable Sunglasses That Look Surprisingly Expensive

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Not too long ago, cheap sunglasses for men might have looked cool, but they’d break if you as much as looked at them funny. These days, affordable sunglasses have all the essentials that you’d expect from a pair of premium-priced sunglasses. Inexpensive sunglass manufacturers now have the same features as the higher-priced ones — except maybe Bluetooth. You can now get affordable sunglasses for men with UV protection, while others are polarized. Many come with a sunglass case, cleaning cloth and even mini screwdrivers so you can tighten the glasses if the arms feel loose.

SPY did the heavy lifting and found 20 pairs of affordable sunglasses that rock. A few pairs resemble designer shades; some are great for outdoor activities, and there are a bunch of great-looking affordable sunglasses whose main job is to help you look good while protecting your eyes. We even found cheap Oakley sunglasses, affordable aviator sunglasses and lots of very cool polarized sunglasses too.

These are all the best cheap sunglasses that are more affordable than a takeaway lunch special.

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1. Banana Republic Factory Polarized Wrap Sunglasses


Who doesn’t love Banana Republic when they have a sale! These sunglasses are on-trend and not too oversized. The polarized lenses have UVA/UVB protection too.

Banana-Republic-Polarized-Wrap-Sunglasses © Provided by SPY Banana-Republic-Polarized-Wrap-Sunglasses

Buy: Banana Republic Polarized Wraparounds $20.00 (orig. $39.99) 50% OFF


2. Luenx Aviator Sunglasses


Luenx Aviator Sunglasses seem to be the best bang for your buck when buying one of the best cheap sunglasses. Not only is this aviator style great for every face shape, but these unisex aviator sunglasses are polarized and shatterproof with engineered spring-loaded hinges and adjustable nose pads for a perfect fit. Don’t want basic black? You’re in luck as there are 18 different colorways; you can choose mirrored and non-mirrored lenses too. Each pair comes with two sunglasses cases — one hard and one soft — and a lens cleaning cloth. Luenx offers a refund within 30 days if you don’t like them.

Luenx-Aviator-Sunglasses-affordable-sunglasses © Provided by SPY Luenx-Aviator-Sunglasses-affordable-sunglasses

Buy: Luenx Aviator Sunglasses $16.99 (orig. $22.99) 26% OFF


3. SoJos Small Cat Eye Sunglasses


Remarkably similar to Burberry’s Logo Detail Rectangular sunglasses, these micro-sunnies are on-trend for the summer. The lenses have a UV coating and come with a case, repair kit and cleaning cloth.

Sojos black lens gold frame sunglasses © Provided by SPY Sojos black lens gold frame sunglasses

Buy: SoJos Small Cat Eye Sunglasses $14.99 (orig. $19.99) 25% OFF


4. Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses


These trendy rectangular sunglasses come in more than eight color combinations, so you can buy one to wear every day of the week. They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection; however, they aren’t polarized. The sunglasses come with a mini screwdriver, case and cleaning cloth.

dollger maroon rectangle sunglasses © Provided by SPY dollger maroon rectangle sunglasses

Buy: Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses $12.99


5. Eye Buy Direct – Sun Soar Geometric Sunglasses for Men


One of the biggest styles for spring and summer 2022 is hexagonal-shaped sunglasses, usually with a dark lens. Popular in the late 60s, this style is making a major comeback. These black-lensed frames come in gold, black or silver frames.

a close up of sunglasses: Eye Buy Direct - Sun Soar Geometric Sunglasses for Men © Provided by SPY Eye Buy Direct - Sun Soar Geometric Sunglasses for Men

Buy: Sun Soar Sunglasses $32.00


6. PacSun Small Metal 50Fifty Sunglasses


Looking as suave as Club Master sunnies, but for way fewer dollars, these vintage-inspired sunglasses are lightweight and have reflective lenses. The front of the lenses has a purplish tint, while the back is amber-colored.

PacSun-Small-Metal-50Fifty-Sunglasses © Provided by SPY PacSun-Small-Metal-50Fifty-Sunglasses

Buy: PacSun Small Metal 50Fifty Sunglasses $15.00


7. J+S Premium Aviator Glasses


J+S Premium Aviator sunglasses are under $25 and come with a risk-free guarantee. These affordable sunglasses have similar details to what you’d expect from a higher-priced brand. The scratch-resistant, polarized lenses block 99.96% glare, offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, and come with a case. The aviators come in three colorways: black frames and lenses, ash gray frames with black lenses and gold frames with black lenses.

JS-Premium-Aviator-Glasses-affordable-sunglasses © Provided by SPY JS-Premium-Aviator-Glasses-affordable-sunglasses

Buy: J+S Premium Aviator Glasses $16.99


8. Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses


Billing themselves as almost weightless sunglasses, these luxe-looking men’s sunglasses are also very affordable. The polarized lenses offer 100% protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays. They also come in 10 colorways. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a sunglass case, cleaning cloth and mini screwdriver.

Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses © Provided by SPY Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses

Buy: Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses $14.99 (orig. $16.99) 12% OFF


9. Ray-Ban Rb4170 Brad Round Sunglasses


Yes! Finally, a pair of cheap Ray-Bans that look awesome. The Brad has gradient lenses sitting in a black rubberized frame. The lenses are not polarized, are UV400 UV coated.  And they come with the classic Ray-Ban case.

Ray-Ban-Rb4170-Brad-Round-Sunglasses © Provided by SPY Ray-Ban-Rb4170-Brad-Round-Sunglasses  

Buy: Ray-Ban Rb4170 Brad Round Sunglasses $75.95


10. Yimosro Oversized Square Sunglasses


These unisex Yimosro sunglasses shown here with a gold frame and green lenses also come with black, blue and even two-toned lenses. The lightweight style has integrated nose pads for comfort and lenses coated with UV400 protection.

Yimosro gold glasses with green lenses © Provided by SPY Yimosro gold glasses with green lenses

Buy: Yimosro Oversized Square Sunglasses $9.99


11. Payne Glasses Richmond Square Green Sunglasses


Not only do they have polarized lenses, but they’re also anti-scratch, and have UV protection too. The glasses come with a hard case and a cleaning cloth. If you’re also looking for cheap prescription glasses, you’ll find great deals for them on this site too.

Payne-Glasses-Richmond-Square-Green-Sunglasses © Provided by SPY Payne-Glasses-Richmond-Square-Green-Sunglasses

Buy: Payne Glasses Richmond Square Green Sunglasses $14.95


12. Denway Polarized Sunglasses


Looking for something different? These mirrored polarized sunglasses have bamboo arms connected to the frames at the temple. These cheap polarized sunglasses also offer 100 % UAV/UVB protection too. They come with a cleaning cloth and pouch to hold your glasses.

Denway Polarized Sunglasses © Provided by SPY Denway Polarized Sunglasses

Buy: Denway Polarized Wood Sunglasses $19.30


13. Cotton On Apollo Polarized Sunglasses


Not completely round or square-shaped, these sunglasses are polarized and have an adjustable nose pad to sit comfortably on the face. The gold frame and arms are finished with tortoiseshell rubberized tips that protect the ear.

Cotton On Apollo Polarized Sunglasses © Provided by SPY Cotton On Apollo Polarized Sunglasses   

14. ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses


These stylish, lightweight glasses are the best cheap sunglasses for runners and cyclists alike who aren’t in the mood to shell out more than $200. ForceFlex utilizes a polycarbonate impact-resistant lens with a scratch-resistant coating so if you throw them in your gym bag or drop them while running, they’ll be okay. True to their name, these glasses are quite flexible, made from a soft plastic that is unbreakable.

ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses, best running sunglasses © Provided by SPY ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses, best running sunglasses

Buy: ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses $29.99


15. Discount Glasses Westend Worthington Sunglasses


Suppose you’ve been thinking about purchasing a pair of iconic Wayfarers but were iffy about spending the cash on them. In that case, the next best thing is a pair of affordable sunglasses that have that cool, iconic style without the hefty price tag. This pair from Discount Sunglasses updates that classic style with a touch of metal on the frame. Their lenses protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays and are available in three different colors, each with its own protective case.

a close up of sunglasses: discount-glasses-westend-worthington-cheap-sunglasses © Provided by SPY discount-glasses-westend-worthington-cheap-sunglasses

Buy: Discount Glasses Westend Worthington $29.95


16. SA106 Metal Rim Sunglasses


These gold rectangular framed sunglasses with deep brown lenses look like luxury sunnies, but they come in under $10. The print of these Prive Revaux sunglasses alone is beautiful and will look good on anyone. They have polycarbonate lenses that have 100% UV protection.

Sa106 metal rim sunglasses © Provided by SPY Sa106 metal rim sunglasses

Buy: SA106 Metal Rim Sunglasses $9.95


17. zerOne five Mont Mars Sunglasses


Designed in Italy, these lightweight acetate frames house lenses that use Zeiss solar filters to protect your eyes.

zerOne five Mont Mars blue frames © Provided by SPY zerOne five Mont Mars blue frames

Buy: zerOne five Mont Mars Sunglasses $14.99


18. H&M Sunglasses


H&M is our go-to for a lot of affordable things, and the best cheap sunglasses are at the top of that list. Made with 62% recycled materials, these trendy brown sunglasses have UV protective lenses. Not available in stores, they’re an H&M online exclusive.

H&M  Sunglasses © Provided by SPY H&M Sunglasses

Buy: H&M Sunglasses $12.99


19. Discount Glasses Westend Highlands


A blend of shield and aviators, these ’70s-inspired frames have all the chic of a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses — without the accompanying price. When you’re looking for a pair of the best cheap sunglasses, this is probably exactly what you had in mind.

Westend Highlands © Provided by SPY Westend Highlands

Buy: Discount Glasses Westend Highlands $29.95


20. Oakley Apparition Square Sunglasses

Honorable Mention

Oakley sunnies are probably one of the best brands for polarized sports sunglasses. They’re always stylish and durable. While technically these aren’t cheap sunglasses, they are cheap for Oakleys. This classic square pair of sunglasses has been reduced, so don’t hesitate to grab them, because the price can always go back up. They have polarized lenses and a plastic frame.

Oakley-Apparition-Sunglasses-Cheap-sunglasses © Provided by SPY Oakley-Apparition-Sunglasses-Cheap-sunglasses

Buy: Oakley Men’s Apparition Square Sunglasses $142.80 (orig. $204.00) 30% OFF


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