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The Best Gifts To Help Your Sister-in-Law Feel Like She’s Part Of The Family

SPY logo SPY 7/28/2021 Loren Cecil
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It’s not uncommon to have a complicated relationship with your in-laws, but you still want to do your best to make them feel welcomed into the family. These thoughtful gifts for sisters-in-law will help you accomplish that goal.

Whether you’ve grown close with your sister-in-law or it’s more of a distant connection, they’re going to be included in your holiday celebrations for years to come, so you may as well add them to your holiday or Christmas gift list. We’re not saying you have to spend your life savings on a Christmas gift for a sister-in-law, but you can definitely find them something well within a reasonable budget that they’ll enjoy. It helps if you have a bit of intel, like that they love a good bath or have been on the hunt for a great sleep mask, but don’t stress if you don’t — there are always some classic gift options that almost anyone can appreciate.

It’s never too early to start brainstorming your Christmas shopping. These are some of the best gifts for sisters-in-law to win the upcoming holiday season.


1. Voluspa Maison Glass Candle


As in most gifting situations, you can’t go wrong with a nice candle as a gift for sisters-in-law. Most people love them, and it’s hard to have too many in your home. She’ll especially appreciate this beautiful double-wick Voluspa candle in a lovely colored chic glass vessel. The cantaloupe hibiscus scent is particularly indulgent.

a cup of coffee on a table: glass candle gift, best gifts for sister-in-law © Provided by SPY glass candle gift, best gifts for sister-in-law Buy: Voluspa Maison Glass Candle $30.00   

2. Luigi Bormioli Decanter


If your sister-in-law appreciates good wine, she’ll love this elegant wine decanter. It’s a classy way to serve wine, especially to guests, and it helps to enhance and preserve the aroma of the wine. Even when not in use, this decanter will elevate your kitchen or dining room countertops. It’s also affordable and very highly rated.

a close up of a glass vase: wine decanter - best gifts for sister-in-law © Provided by SPY wine decanter - best gifts for sister-in-law Buy: Luigi Bormioli Decanter $30.73   

3. Golden Heart Locket Necklace


This lovely gold locket makes a perfect everyday necklace, but it’s also a great gift for your sister-in-law because it has a sentimental component. You can choose two photos to live inside of the locket, allowing you to keep your loved ones or best memories visible and close to your heart all the time. It’s a beautiful, elevated piece of jewelry that’s also thoughtful.

a piece of paper: gold locket © Provided by SPY gold locket Buy: Golden Heart Locket Necklace $29.80   

4. Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray


This is the type of gift that you need a little bit of intel to be sure it’s a fit. Find out if your sister-in-law likes to take long, relaxing baths, and if that’s the case, this bamboo bathtub tray is a necessity. It’ll allow her to read or use any electronics and keep a glass of wine or any beverage easily accessible while in the tub, without getting anything wet. It’s a simple but truly luxurious gift.

a book sitting on top of a wooden table: bamboo bathrub tray © Provided by SPY bamboo bathrub tray Buy: Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray $29.99   

5. De-Puff + Glow Mini Jade Roller Trio


If your sister-in-law is a mom, or has a demanding job, or is just tired for any reason, or loves to mix up her skincare routine, this is an amazing gift. The set comes with two of Herbivore’s best-selling facial oils, one to balance skin and one to nourish, along with a Jade Roller to gently massage them into the face for maximum absorption. The minis are great for travel to minimize puffiness and stay glowing, or just for everyday use.

text: herbivore glow trio © Provided by SPY herbivore glow trio Buy: De-Puff + Glow Mini Jade Roller Trio $29.00   

6. Mulberry Silk Eyemask


Quality, functional eyemasks can be hard to find, but having a good one is life-changing. Ask around to see if your sister-in-law has been thinking about one of these, or just safely assume that she’ll appreciate one for traveling and generally better sleep. Help her block out the light and distractions for better, more peaceful rest with this luxurious and breathable eyemask from Brooklinen.

mulberry silk eyemask, best gifts for sister-in-law © Provided by SPY mulberry silk eyemask, best gifts for sister-in-law Buy: Mulberry Silk Eyemask $29   

7. All American Jersey Robe


A good robe is a necessity. They’re the perfect piece to put on when you get out of the shower, while you’re getting ready, to go grab the mail or just for some extra warmth when you’re lounging around on a weekend morning. This super soft jersey robe is the perfect size and material for year-round use. It’s cozy yet light, and even looks pretty cute on.

a person in a suit and tie: all american jersey robe, best gifts for sister-in-law © Provided by SPY all american jersey robe, best gifts for sister-in-law Buy: All American Jersey Robe $38   

8. Kitsch Satin Pillowcase


Not only do satin pillowcases feel amazing to sleep on, but they also offer benefits for your skin and hair. For the sister-in-law who cares about her beauty rest, this will make a wonderful Christmas gift. The high-quality satin fabric stays soft, cool and smooth through the night for maximum comfort, and it lessens friction to keep minimize hair loss and keep it frizz-free. It also protects eyelashes and doesn’t absorb moisture to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

silk pillowcase, best gifts for sister-in-law © Provided by SPY silk pillowcase, best gifts for sister-in-law Buy: Kitsch Satin Pillowcase $19.00   

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