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The Dash Snowflake Mini Waffle Maker Makes Breakfast Time Magical

Taste of Home 12/1/2022 Claudia Guthrie

Chilly winter mornings are better with a hot cup of coffee, comfy PJs and a warm stack of waffles. And when it comes to cute kitchen appliances, the Dash snowflake mini waffle maker is the festive tool you need for your go-to waffle recipe. The best part? It's not super holiday-centric, so you can use it all winter long—not just for Christmas brunch.

What is a mini snowflake waffle maker?

The Dash snowflake mini waffle maker trades the classic honeycomb pattern for an adorable snowflake print. Each waffle is four inches in diameter and the iron only makes one at a time, so you might need to make a few batches to fill up your family. But the cook time is shockingly short (only a few minutes), so you won't be waiting long before everyone can dig in.

With its light blue, snowflake-patterned lid, the waffle maker itself is just as cute as the breakfast dish it makes. It's also small and light, so it's easy to store when not on your countertop.

How to Use a Mini Snowflake Waffle Maker

This waffle iron keeps it small and simple. Once you whip up your batter (the appliance comes with a few waffle recipes) and plug it in, a little light turns on to let you know when the Dash snowflake mini waffle maker is hot enough for cooking. Then simply pour in your mixture and close the lid. The hardest part is picking which waffle topping to serve!

We'd also argue this mini waffle maker is easier to clean than traditional waffle makers—the cooking surface's snowflake pattern means there aren't all those little squares batter can become stuck in. The waffle maker should clean easily with a soapy cloth (or Christmas Scrub Daddy sponge). If any food becomes burned onto the surface, let it soak in a bit of cooking oil before scrubbing it off. Never submerge your mini waffle maker in water as it can destroy the heating component.

Other Festive Waffle Irons

  • Gingerbread. This gingerbread man mini waffle maker looks just as festive on your countertop as the waffles look on your breakfast table. Both the maker itself and the waffles impart a jolly ginger design. Speaking of, have you seen this giant gingerbread cookie cutter?
  • Snowman. For another snowy surprise, you can't go wrong with an adorable snowman mini waffle maker. He looks just like Frosty! (Especially when you top the waffles with copious amounts of whipped cream.)
  • Christmas Tree. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how tasty are thy waffles. You'll be singing a festive tune after enjoying the bakes from this Christmas tree mini waffle maker. It's the ideal companion for a Christmas PJ party.
  • Dreidel. Hanukkah revelers can get in on the fun, too. This dreidel mini waffle maker imprints a design inspired by the beloved toy. The real question is whether you'll try to make latkes in it. Plus, it makes a great Hanukkah gift.

Where to Buy a Mini Snowflake Waffle Maker

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The Dash Snowflake Mini Waffle Maker is available from Williams-Sonoma for $20. You can also find iterations of this little appliance (albeit without the snowflake-patterned lid) at Target and Amazon.

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