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Would You Pay $2 a Week to Never Scrub Your Toilet Ever Again?

Slickdeals logo Slickdeals 10/8/2021 Brittany Loggins

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It’s no secret that traditional toilet brushes can get, well, a little nasty. Not only that, they need to be replaced pretty frequently because they’re usually made of cheap plastic that definitely isn’t built to last (read also: isn’t sustainable in the least). That said, a new high-tech bowl cleaner is here to rescue you from the gross toilet bowl brush of yore and the act of touching one ever again. The Shine Bathroom Assistant sprays down your toilet from the inside after every single flush, which not only keeps your toilet sparkling, its electrolyzed water cleaning solutions prevent hard water from ever building up so you never have to worry about gross rings again.

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For $2 (a Week) It Cleans Your Toilets Every Day With No Days Off

The best part is that when you pre-order it (which is the only option for now), you get $25 off at checkout, which brings its overall price down to $149. Not cheap compared to a $10 plastic brush, right? But, you have to ask yourself, would you be willing to pay someone to come to your home to clean your toilet, every day of the year for just $3 per week? Because that’s what this deal works out to. [Well, if we are being totally honest and doing the math exactly, it’s actually less than $3 per week.]

Since many have more than one bathroom, why not double down and get two of these new high-tech cleaning miracles? Buying two at once will save you over $125 to lower the cost to $112 each (or just $2 a week to keep two bowls sparkling). Now, you have a machine for more than one bathroom in your home (you’re so fancy), or one less item to buy this holiday if you want to gift one to a friend or family member.

Still prefer to do your own dirty work?

No problem, we found tons of cool old-school T.B. brushes waiting for you on Amazon starting at just $9.99.

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No Chemicals: Better for the Planet, Bowl Water is Pet-Safe

With traditional toilet brushes, you have to use cleaning products that contain lots of harsh chemicals. The Shine Assistant completely eliminates the need for those cleaners thanks to its use of electrolyzed water. This water not only smells fresh, but it is also as effective as bleach and is more powerful than traditional deodorizer sprays. The electrolyzed water also breaks down into salt water, which is far more environmentally friendly. It also uses a minimal amount of water, which it dispenses in a pressure-washer-style fashion so that you never have to worry about build-up or about water waste since it’s happening after every single flush. Bonus: If Fido prefers the toilet bowl to their water bowl from Chewy, it leaves the toilet water clean and safe for pets to drink.

Never Worry Again If Your Toilet Is Running

Not only does it immediately clean after every single flush, but it can be synced with Amazon’s Alexa so that you can use voice control. Add to that, it has a built-in night light that’s super soft but makes it easy to see your way around even in the middle of the night. It also detects and alerts you to water leaks thanks to its built-in AI system, which is called Sam. This way you never have to worry about your toilet running when you’re not around and running up your water bill. This would be especially great if you’re a landlord because you could install it in your rental homes and never have to worry about being caught off guard at an unexplained water bill. If it does detect a leak, the connected app will immediately have a repair kit sent to your home.

It’s Easy to Install and Maintain, No Ugly Cords

While some toilet cleaners can require hooking up to your water line, the Shine Assistant is super easy to set up and uses a water bank that includes a pod that electrolyzes the water. The water bank then sits on the back of your toilet tank or under the back of your toilet so that it’s out of the way. The sprayer is also battery-operated, so you never have to worry about finding an outlet. The battery is rechargeable and lasts up to six months on one charge. The kit comes with a USB cable that makes it easy to recharge the battery whenever the time comes. The sprayer fits over the edge of the toilet, and it’s super minimal so you don’t have to worry about it being really noticeable.

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