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These Halloween Costumes for Kids Bring the Tricks and Treats

SPY logo SPY 7/28/2021 Amber Dowling
a person wearing a costume © Image courtesy of Disney, Maisonette

It’s never too early to start shopping for Halloween costumes, especially when it comes to your kids. Whether you’re looking for ideas or your child knows exactly what they want to go as, there’s nothing more frustrating than pawing through racks of mismatched costumes and wrong sizes at the store two days before the big event.

Plus, with some kids unable to go out last year as a result of the pandemic, many parents want their children to have the best Halloween ever in 2021. Sure, decorations, scary movies and delicious snacks help set the tone, but the real mood totally starts with the best Halloween costumes for kids. Whether you’re trick-or-treating, visiting friends or staying in as a family to play board games and eat candy, we’ve got a few ideas for Halloween costumes for kids to get you started.

From Disney characters to fuzzy animals and everything in between, here are some of our top picks.


1. Loveland Lava Dragon Costume Set


Dragons are making a comeback this year thanks to a girl named Raya and her fiery friend Sisu, so if your child is into the theme then this set is sure to make them breathe their very best practice fire. The gorgeous hand-printed wings look authentic enough to any kid (aged three and up), but it’s also made with eco and child-friendly inks, which should make any parent feel good about their decision to purchase this set. The best part is that this is designed to last, which means kids will have tons of fun playing dress-up well after the actual holiday.

Kid in a dragon costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a dragon costume   

2. Great Pretenders Firefighter Set


If you’ve got a firefighter aficionado in your abode, this five-piece set comes with everything your little one needs to pretend to be the real thing. There’s a personalized name badge and play fire extinguisher that doubles as a water gun for warmer weather, but just like a real firefighter this costume is all about safety first. That’s why the jacket is designed with reflective tape, so come Halloween night your child will remain nice and visible.

a person with collar shirt: Firefighter costume for kids © Provided by SPY Firefighter costume for kids   

3. Aeromax Jr. Chef Jacket & Hat


Aspiring chefs can whip themselves into a frenzy with this on-brand chef Halloween costume for kids, which of course includes the standard hat and jacket. Pair it with jeans and an oversized sweater for a warm night of trick or treating, but also put it to good use the next time you’ve got to get dinner on the table and want to inspire your kid to help.

a man wearing a uniform: Kid in a chef costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a chef costume   

4. Spooktacular Creations T-Rex Deluxe Kids Dinosaur Costume


How do you make a dino Halloween costume for kids even more authentic? By including a plush egg, of course. This bright and fun T-Rex costume is guaranteed to be a hit with any dinosaur-obsessed kid, and parents who have purchased the getup rave in the reviews about how roomy it is — one reviewer even revealed his kid wore a big puffer jacket underneath. Definitely go up if your kid is wavering between two sizes though, because even if it’s a bit loose now, this costume is too cool not to wear for dress-up in post-Halloween play, too.

a close up of a toy: Kid in a dinosaur costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a dinosaur costume Buy: Spooktacular Creations T-Rex Deluxe Kids Dinosaur Costume $27.99   

5. Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume for Kids


Kids can go to infinity and beyond in this official Toy Story costume, but even younger kids who don’t necessarily know who Buzz Lightyear is will get a kick out of being an astronaut. For those who are into the franchise, however, there’s everything a kid needs to defeat Emperor Zurg … or escape from the mean, toy-terrorizing bully next door. Worried it won’t fit your kid? Don’t be. The costume has been designed for a wide range of sizes and comes with an opening at the back (and at the front), wide legs and a longer length so that this can easily be customized for any young fan.

diagram: Buzz Lightyear costume for kids © Provided by SPY Buzz Lightyear costume for kids   

6. The Mandalorian Costume for Kids


Children know that when it comes to invoking anything from The Mandalorian come Halloween, this is the way. We’re talking about an official Disney-designed getup, of course, which comes with a safety-first helmet (complete with cutouts to see and breathe), not to mention the bodysuit with all the bells and whistles from the show. Okay, so your kid won’t be able to blast themselves into the sky or anything, but this thing looks almost as indestructible as Beskar .

a man wearing a armor: Kid in a Mandalorian Costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a Mandalorian Costume   

7. Black Widow Costume for Kids


The Natasha Romanoff origins story that everyone has been waiting for finally arrived this year when Black Widow hit theatres. And no matter how much you loved or hated the movie, there are plenty of little girls out there who are looking up to the character right about now. Give them an early Halloween treat with this practical and authentic Marvel Halloween costume for kids, which includes a two-piece jumpsuit that can easily fit warmer fall clothes underneath for a more comfortable and warm trick-or-treating experience.

a person wearing a suit and tie: Black Widow kid costume © Provided by SPY Black Widow kid costume   

8. Spooktacular Creations Unicorn Costume Deluxe Set for Kids


This five-star Amazon Halloween costume for kids seems designed for parents and kids alike. The younger set will appreciate all of those magical unicorn qualities, while parents will appreciate that this onesie also happens to be warm and practical when the mercury drops. Parents online are fans of the fact that it’s easy to get on and off, while others report that the detachable wings make for easy transport for those times you need to whisk young unicorns away in the car.

a person with hat: Kid in a unicorn costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a unicorn costume   

9. Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play Costume Set


Imagination is the name of the game with this adorable unisex set, which comes with all the accessories any budding magician needs to pull off the perfect Halloween trick — including a hat with a bunny inside, naturally. The best part though is that if your kid really is into magic, then this costume also makes a great year-round gift, since they can throw it on every time they put on a show.

a young boy is dressed in a costume: Kid in a magician costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a magician costume   

10. Melissa & Doug Pirate Role Play Costume


Swashbuckling kids will appreciate the intricate details of this adorable pirate Halloween costume for kids, which comes with fun accessories like the cross-bone hat, eye-patch and a soft sword. After Halloween, they can keep the fun going by building a pirate ship fort, or embarking on a scavenger hunt for hidden treasures. The whole costume is machine washable and comes with wipe-clean accessories, which means it will look and feel fresh for many months of play to come.

a boy wearing a hat: Kid in a pirate costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a pirate costume   

11. Deluxe Bumblebee Costume for Kids Furry Bee Outfit


Everyone will be buzzing about how fun this pollinator costume is, but you’ll feel good knowing that it’s also warm and comfy. Not only does this unisex costume come with cool shades, but it’s one of the most unique-looking bee getups we’ve seen on the market. In other words, you can feel fairly confident that your kid won’t be wearing the same thing as everyone else in class with this selection.

a close up of a bird: Kid in a bumblebee costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a bumblebee costume   

12. Toddler A League of Their Own Jimmy Dugan Coach Costume


There’s no crying at Halloween, which is why this Halloween costume for kids inspired by Tom Hanks’ character in A League of Their Own may be a perfect fit for your baseball-loving kid. Even if your child is into the game and doesn’t know the movie, most adults will appreciate the throwback. The piping and logo are totally reminiscent of the Rockford Peaches uniforms from the 1992 movie, plus we think it’s just adorable when kids dress up like adults.

a person wearing a uniform: Kid in a League of Their Own costume © Provided by SPY Kid in a League of Their Own costume   

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