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This Three-Section Lasagna Pan Is Ideal For Picky Eaters

Delish logo Delish 6/23/2022 Candace Braun Davison
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This gadget's been misnamed. It calls itself a Lasagna Trio Pan, but honestly, that title sells itself short. It can be used for just about anything — and it's a dream for anyone who's cooking for a crowd.

Lasagna Trio Pan © Lasagna Trio Pan

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With one pan, you can appeal to your gluten-free, vegan, and Ron Swanson-esque, "gimme all the meats!" friends, provided that the recipes involve roughly the same cooking time. Considering so many casseroles and lasagna recipes call for cook temperatures around 350-400, it's not so tricky to do, either. We tested it by making macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and tater tot hotdish all at once. Crushed it.

Low carb, vegan, and meat lover's lasagnas? Nailed it.

Lasagna Trio Pan © Chelsea Lupkin Lasagna Trio Pan

If you're feeling so charitable as to accommodate the picky eater in your life, this is the gadget to use. You can have the seasonings and mix-ins you want — and take out all of that good stuff for the relative whose tastes skew more kids menu-ish. (Or, conversely, if you like things hot, hot, hot, and your spouse does not, not, not, you could make the same dish twice — one spicy, one mild — without dirtying a second pan.)

Lasagna Trio Pan © Chelsea Lupkin Lasagna Trio Pan

The pan was really a hit though with the rarest type of people: Those who love crispy brownie edges. Bake a regular brownie batter in this bad boy, and every slice has just the right crunch.

It's the sort of thing that could be a hit on Shark Tank — and make you simultaneously wonder, "Why didn't I think of something so simple yet brilliant?!" and "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"

You can find the pan at Bed Bath & Beyond stores, Walmart, and on Amazon.

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