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16 things you never knew about Halloween

INSIDER Logo By Melina Glusac of INSIDER | Slide 1 of 17: Halloween costume trends follow cultural trends. Before mass-produced costumes existed, people made their own witch and ghost outfits. Popular costumes have included crepe paper aprons, blood and gore, and "sexy" versions of anything.  Ever since the late 19th century, Americans have been  dressing up to celebrate Halloween. The costumes people choose to wear are always changing, influenced by popular culture and current events. For example, bloody, gory Halloween costumes became popular in the 1980s following the release of the horror movie "Halloween," and the  sales of presidential masks have successfully predicted nearly every US election. INSIDER spoke with Lesley Bannatyne, a Halloween expert who has  authored several books about folklore and popular culture, to track popular Halloween costumes through the years.

16 things you never knew about Halloween

Whether you partake in the spooky celebrations or not, Halloween is a fascinating time of year - and much of its most iconic traditions are deeply rooted in history, dating all the way back to ancient Ireland.

Ever wondered why jack-o'-lanterns exist? Or why people eat (and bob for) apples in October? Why black cats are so mysterious?

Keep clicking to learn 16 unusual things you probably didn't know about Halloween.

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