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The Most Groundbreaking Invention from Every U.S. State

Best Life Logo By Sutton Travis of Best Life | Slide 1 of 51: Okay, well not quite. Technically, the first blueprints for the television were drawn up on a high school chemistry classroom blackboard in Idaho by Philo Farnsworth in the early 1900s—but he didn’t actually invent the device until 1927, when he had relocated to San Francisco.

The Most Groundbreaking Invention from Every U.S. State

In modern American life, owning a vehicle is so commonplace that, even if you don't own one, you likely have a friend who does. But before Henry Ford's sturdy, affordable Model T arrived on the scene, automobile ownership was a luxury only available to the most elite members of the upper class. And of course, that's not all that Americans have developed—we were the first to figure out how to make light appear in a glass container (a lightbulb), look up any shred of information like that (a Google), and, arguably most importantly, eat ice cream sans utensils (a waffle cone).

From highly practical innovations to revolutionary medical procedures, we've rounded up the most impressive inventions to come out of each state. As dramatic as it might initially sound, they truly have shaped the world as we know it. And for more of fascinating state-related trivia, don't miss The Weirdest Urban Legend in Every State.

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