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I breastfed my husband on a romantic vacation — it’s not what you think

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Father knows breast.  

It’s safe to say this couple’s tropical vacation didn’t suck — even though the husband spent most of it sucking milk out of his wife’s boobs. 

Mom of four Janelle McAloon revealed that she was forced to breastfeed her hubby Joshua during a would-be romantic getaway to Puerto Rico because she forgot her breast pump at home. 

“I’m here to tell you [that] I had to breastfeed my husband,” Janelle, 32, from Boston, Mass., admitted in her viral TikTok confessional, which recently amassed over 188,000 views from hungry-eyed spectators. 

The chuckling brunette went on to explain their peculiar predicament, saying, “We were in Puerto Rico and…I’m breastfeed, and I just forgot to pack my pump.”

“So for four days, we’re in Puerto Rico [and] my boobs are on fire,” she said. “On the first day, I’m like, ‘Josh, I need you to help me out.’ And that’s what he did.”

Joshua’s selfless act could benefit him in the long run. Researchers have found that breast milk could aid in the prevention of Crohn’s disease, arthritis, autism, and some cancers. 

And, naturally, Janelle’s jug-chugging revelation sent virtual jaws dropping — and had folks suspecting that forgetting the breast pump at home wasn’t a mere innocent mistake. 

“Plot twist: He unpacked it,” joked one digital watcher, suggesting that Joshua had always intended on using his mouth to relieve the pressure in Janelle’s lactating chest. 

© Provided by New York Post Janelle claims that breastfeeding her husband was her only viable option. TikTok/nellesworld

“Probably the best vacation ever for your husband,” teased another. 

A separate man confessed that he, too, has had to be breastfed by his wife, writing, “As a husband with children, I have had to sacrifice in this way. I did my husbandry duties to the letter.”

“It’s hard to see other men living out your dream,” joked another. 

Women, however, weighed in with some less sexy alternatives Janelle and Joshua could have considered, such as hand-pumping — the process in which a lactating mother squeezes out her milk using her fingers and thumbs — or just going to a local pharmacy and purchasing a breast pump. 


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But Janelle explained why neither option was feasible. 

“I tried [to hand pump] so hard,” she claimed, “but for some reason it wasn’t working until I had some suction going before.”

And in response to a commenter noting that Walgreens has pharmacy locations in Puerto Rico, Janelle responded, “Yes, they do but where we’re staying it was far from all that.”

The mom did, however, note that she was able to purchase a milking device before heading back to Massachusetts. 

“The last day we were there I was able to get one at CVS lol,” she said. 


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