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I was told my outfit was inappropriate at a beachside resort hotel bar

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An OnlyFans star has accused a Queensland, Australia beachside hotel for taking issue with her attire, asking her to “cover herself”.

During a trip to North Stradbroke Island, in Moreton Bay near Brisbane, Naomi Tibbles, 28, said she had just finished a long walk and was lusting for a cold drink.

So she decided to stop by the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel at Point Lookout.

But after 20 minutes at the bar, Naomi claims security guards approached asking if she had any clothing to “cover herself” as she was in a “family establishment”.

“I said, ‘No, I don’t actually because I’m on a f–king island and I was just at the beach,’” she said in a TikTok on Saturday.

Baffled by the incident, Naomi then showed off the outfit in question – a bikini, crocheted pants, black sandals and a hat.

She explained she was enjoying a “mental health day” on the popular island when things took an unexpected turn.

“I go to this pub that I got told about at reception. I am sweating bullets at this point I just did about a 3km [1 mile] walk and have to do the walk back home too. I am gonna stop for a watermelon spritz,” Naomi said.

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She said after about 15 to 20 minutes of being there, she was approached by security.

“I knew that they were talking about me cause they kept watching me and radioing to each other. It was really suss – I was like, what the heck do they think I am?

“Turns out they wanted to have a talk about what I am wearing.

“The first thing the security guard says to me is, ‘We have a dress code here. You’re not allowed to wear thongs here,’” she said.

Naomi then points to her footwear asking her viewers, “Do they look like f**king thongs?”

“He then tells me, ‘We’re a family establishment.’ Yeah cool and I am sitting in a bar where there’s no children allowed.

“The only two children I can see all the way on the other end of the f**king restaurant I am not in.”

She described the alleged incident as “rude”, “embarrassing” and “gross”.

“Halfway through my cocktail before I get told in front of the whole damn establishment?”

Naomi’s followers sided with her saying there is nothing wrong with what she was wearing.

“Looks alright to me, on a beach, on an island, in df Australia,” one person commented.

“I used to be able to jump out of the surf and have a beer dripping wet with only boardys (sic) on,” said another.

Another added: “This is wild being steps from the beach. Who wears anything but swimwear at Straddie full stop!?” has contacted Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel for comment.


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