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Nutritionists Say These Common Foods Are Secretly Dangerous

Nutritionists Say These Common Foods Are Secretly Dangerous. While foods like burgers and candy are known to be unhealthy, there are a surprising number of less-obvious foods than can also be harmful. Here are six common foods that are secretly harming your body. 1. Elderberries, Though they’re popular in natural medicine, elderberries can cause some serious issues if consumed while underripe or undercooked. . 2. Nutmeg, This spice contains a toxin called myristicin, which means that it only takes two to three teaspoons to be lethal. 3. Tuna, Consuming too much can potentially cause damage to your kidneys and nervous system since tuna contains mercury. 4. Sushi, Raw fish is a potential source of salmonella, harmful bacteria and parasites. 5. Baked Potatoes, An inadequately cooled baked potato can cause botulism to form, which is a dangerous spore-forming bacteria. . 6. Honey, Because of the low amount of processes honey goes through, it may also contain bacteria, including botulism spores
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