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'This Is A Dangerous Relationship For You,’ Dr. Phil Warns Man Who Admits To Putting Hands On His Girlfriend

Collin admits to putting his hands on his girlfriend, Heather, as well as pushing her and once biting her face. He claims it’s her fault because she pushes his buttons and “constantly pokes” him until he explodes. Collin says his relationship with Heather used to be good but now all they do is argue and fight. “This is a dangerous relationship for you,” says Dr. Phil, warning Collin that he could get into legal trouble – and possibly go to prison – for his aggressive behaviors toward Heather. “You have a rage problem.” When Dr. Phil advises him to put his relationship with Heather “in the rearview mirror,” how does Collin respond? And later, Dr. Phil refers Collin to Doctor on Demand for counseling and help with anger management. Does Collin accept the help? Watch more from Wednesday’s conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Toxic Love: Will Heather Leave Collin? Check your local listing. Doctor on Demand was created by Doctor on Demand Inc., which is owned in part by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw. WATCH: Dr. Phil Confronts Guest About Aggressive Boyfriend: ‘Do You Believe That’s The Best You Can Do?’ TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Hopelessly in need of Dr. Phil's Help?
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