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US Navy submarine commander rates 14 submarine scenes in movies and TV

Former US submarine commander L. David Marquet rated the realism of submarine scenes in popular movies, judging their technological accuracy as well as the depiction of life on board. He looked at the realism of nuclear crisis movies, such as "The World Is Not Enough," "K-19: The Widowmaker," and "Aquaman." He also rated the accuracy of standoff scenes in "The Hunt for Red October," "Hunter Killer," and "Crimson Tide." He looked at scenes showing Navy personnel entering submarines, such as "Act of Valor," as well as general life on board a submarine in "The Wolf's Call" and "Das Boot." Other classic movies he analyzed include "U-571" and "The Enemy Below." He also rated a comedic interpretation of life on board a submarine in "The Simpsons." Marquet graduated top of his class from the US Naval Academy and served for 28 years on submarines, including as an engineer officer aboard the USS Will Rogers, then as captain on the USS Olympia and the USS Santa Fe. Having retired in 2009, he is now a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of "Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders."
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