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Ballerina Misty Copeland Reveals Her Makeup Secrets — And Why She'll Never Get Pedicures

People logo People 11/14/2017 Jillian Ruffo

Misty Copeland holding a tennis racket: Misty Copeland. © Provided by TIME Inc. Misty Copeland. “Whenever I have my makeup done, especially for being on stage, it’s important that they don’t try and change the shape of my nose or make me look like someone I’m not,” Copeland tells PeopleStyle of what makes her feel her most beautiful. “I’m proud to be a black woman, I”m proud to look the way that I do, so I feel like I feel the most beautiful when I’m just natural, no makeup and sweating in rehearsal.”

But there are a few tricks that she turns to for her everyday look.

<p>If there's one body myth we all need to stop believing, it's the idea that a person's shape has anything to do with their health and fitness. No matter how many times we say it, it's worth repeating that there are just three big things that matter when it comes to health, and they are: eating well, exercising regularly, and staying focused on your mental health, which includes being kind and compassionate to your body.</p><p>All of these things take work, that's for sure. It takes effort to eat your veggies and it certainly takes determination to make it to the gym. For a lot of us though, one of the hardest parts is that last component: mental health. In our thin-obsessed world, it can be difficult to remember that it's not about a number on the scale that determines our self-worth.</p><p>Enter Instagram. Now, social media isn't always a place for positivity. But as I've said before, <a href="">social media is what you make of it</a>. And you can definitely curate your feed to include accounts that inspire you and remind you that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. There's no such thing as a "better" or worse" body.</p><p>To help you see that, we combed through our own Instagram feeds for some inspiration. Ahead are 30 photos (and the accounts you should follow) that show our bodies are all different — and they're all beautiful.</p> 30 Photos That Prove All Bodies Are Beautiful

Eyebrows, Copeland says, are an important feature to perfect both on and off stage. “I think that like having a good base and a really nice-shaped eyebrow is so important,” she shares, adding that her go-to trick for performances is to highlight the inner corners of her eyes and the tops of her cheekbones, which opens your face and “allows people in the top tier to see the expression on your face.”

And while she takes her beauty regimen seriously, her routine does not involve pedicures. “Most [ballerinas] don’t get pedicures,” she says, adding that it’s important that their feet don’t get soft. “It’s an armor that I’ve worked a lifetime to build and it protects my feet, which is why I can dance on point for 10-plus hours a day and not have my feet bleeding. No pedicures for me.”

The star, who identifies ’60s model Donyale Luna and Nicole Richie as her beauty icons, also has a love for fragrance, which she says has been a staple in her routine since she was young — making it no surprise that today, she’s the face of Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse.

“It’s probably been like the one constant beauty ritual in my life since I was a child,” she says. “It’s still very much a part of my beauty routine, especially when I’m about to step on stage.”



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