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Kensington Palace just shared a beautiful tribute to royal dads.

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prince-will-and-george-getty © getty prince-will-and-george-getty Okay, let’s address the obvious, we’re all here to look at a photo of royal humans doing royal things and being royally beautiful.

And that is totally okay.

While a gorgeous tribute to Britain’s dads may not be the most important or news-worthy thing in the world right now, it’s been a long week goddammit and we all deserve a wee bit of mindless happy stuff.

Scrap that – we deserve ALL of the mindless happy stuff.

Because don’t ask questions we just do.

Because it’s currently Father’s Day in the United Kingdom (don’t freak out – Australia’s Father’s Day isn’t until the 3rd of September, thank the lord) the official Kensington Royal Instagram account decided to honour the occasion with a nifty collage.

Happy Father's Day. Wishing all the fathers out there a very happy day.

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We also really (really) appreciate the throwback photo above, because there’s nothing like sandy haired Prince William and Prince Harry, now is there?

No, no there is not. Except for maybe Prince George.

Go about your day, folks. You’re welcome.

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